If you can find this .. you have one of the best English translations in existence



I wonder if they will ever consider printing it in its entirety…


I don’t understand. It looks like an ordinary Confraternity Douay Rheims bible. Is that what it is? They’re not hard to find. If that’s the best translation out there, that’s great because I have two, and it’s my favorite translation. Where did you find that it’s one of the best translations?


This is just my humble opinion. This translation has the most confraternity and the least Douay that you can find. I’d like the whole confraternity less all the Douay printed. That is all.


I think I understand. You would like to see the entire bible translated by the Confraternity. Regardless, it’s better than the NAB. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for that suggestion. Just curious, StLudmilla, what you are looking for in a translation, and what makes this one the best in your opinion.


A translation should be poetic without losing the reader, traditional - don’t change those popular verses that are beautifully translated just because you want to be “new”, hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed art thou, readable, not just study-able and CATHOLIC, really C A T H O L I C. Notes should be pastoral and align with Church Tradition not secular and scholastic using words like “probably” and “maybe.” These are a few of my requirements. Confraternity is the best balance of all my requirements.

My test books, Genesis 1:1, Wisdom especially chapter 1, Luke 1, Romans 8, 1 Peter, Hebrews 10- to the end.
My only suggestion, I would love the grail psalms.

An example, a highly quoted verse by Protestants to prove the error of once saved always saved. A verse easily taken out of context if the person does not actually read all of Paul but just cherry picks verses: Romans 8:1

Confraternity : “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are*** in*** Christ Jesus,** who do not walk according to the flesh**.”

RSV 2CE “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” ??? obviously comes from a protestant translation.

NAB “Hence, now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” the worst out of all of em.

RHE “There is now therefore no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh.” Close to the confraternity but a little old fashioned

GNT “There is no condemnation now for those who** live in union** with Christ Jesus.” Good but plain spoken leaving the tradition behind

ESV(just for fun) “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” protestant of course. It can mean many many different things to many many different protestants. (edit) most read this and really read :There is no condemnation for me now no matter what.

The big difference “in” Christ Jesus is explained. This is very very very important. When left off there is a big room for cherry picking that leads to heresy.


I just got a Knox bible recently so I checked ROM 8:1. Wow!
“Well, then, no judgment stands now against those who live in Christ Jesus, not following the ways of flesh and blood.”. Nice. Very nice. Hmmmm. I will have to spend more time in Knox.


Archbishop Fulton Sheen used the Knox Bible.


There’s just a problem. The “not living in the flesh” is not particularly Catholic, or its omission particularly Protestant. It’s just not in the best Greek authorities, which means, the best English translations simply omit it.

Theologically, there is no issue at all with the RSV/ESV/Greek rendering at all. There is indeed no condemnation for those who are in Christ (i.e. in the state of grace). There is nothing in the passage that speaks of the permanence of the state of grace (i.e there is nothing in the text to prove or disprove once-saved-always-saved).

The Bibles that include the “not living in the flesh” part are translating what’s likely a gloss. Besides, the definite injunction against walking in the flesh can easily be found in verse 4, so there’s hardly a “protestant” conspiracy against what’s clearly a doubtful phrase in verse 1.


The Knox translation is particularly good for the Pauline Epistles! :wink:


I think GoogleTranslate would be better than NAB. :slight_smile:


Actually, there is a full Bible translated by the Confraternity. It’s called the New American Bible.


Not Protestant? Hmmm… Besides the not modern King James, there is no modern Protestant translation that has it (btw I consider the NAB to be Protestant (lol!):
KJV “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Beautiful.
So why do NONE of the modern Protestant translations have it??? The rise of once saved always saved “Christianity.”

Here is a Protestant agreeing with me:


Because it’s not in the best Greek manuscruipts. There’s nothing Protestant about it. It may be beautiful, but it doesn’t belong there. Once-saved-always-saved has nothing to do with it. If you don’t believe me, check the Greek yourself.

And citing King James Only sites does nothing to bolster one’s argument. The fact is that the King James was translated out of defective manuscripts, which have since been corrected by better and older manuscripts.


And as proof that there is no “Protestant” conspiracy to Romans 8:1 as well, the current official Bible of the Latin Church, the Nova Vulgata does not have it either.

Nihil ergo nunc damnationis est his, qui sunt in Christo Iesu;


Oh? Says who? Apparently, Tradition put it there. Silly scholars is that who? Silly scholars forget The Spirit and depend on the “best” manuscripts. But who decides which are the “Best” manuscripts?? Silly scholars?? I think I’ll take Tradition.


Ah, and there the cookie crumbles. A rejection of scholarship.

You see, the Church encourages Bible scholarship. It is very much possible to reconstruct the best manuscripts on purely scientific grounds, as it is with any text. Only the original manuscripts were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Any addition, no matter how “beautiful”, is a corruption. “Tradition” has no right to add words to Scripture where it’s clear that they don’t belong there.

Your cavalier dismissal of “silly scholars” shows that you are not thinking with the mind of the Church. You are the Catholic equivalent of a KJV-onlyist. I am therefore bowing out. Good bye.



A very sad, but true point - although we will soon hear from its defenders.

Someone may correct me, but the entire Confraternity Bible exists - just not under a single cover. I “believe” that the USCCB holds the copyright. If they sell the NAB/RE to generate operating funds, what is wrong with a re-issue or licensing of the completed Confraternity? Letter-writing campaign?

Yes, the Knox is a great translation. “Too florid” you will sometimes hear on CAF, but that better describes the limitations of the English language, which is an amalgamated mish-mash of incongruent and disparate linguistic forms.


Having had my Catholic faith stripped from me as a young adult by a NIV translation of Romans 8 and a chick tract, replaced with easy believism based on the heresy of once saved always saved, I can enthusiastically say I wish to the Good God someone had given me a confraternity bible and shown me romans 8:1. 15 years lost.


Do you want to just argue or to have a conversation?

Why not listen to what porthos is saying, which is actually true. There is no [conspiracy] in Protestant translations of Romans 8:1.

The NKJV has it and the HCSB has a note with it.

Are you wanting to exalt the Confraternity at the cost of mocking Protestant translations?

That would only get in the way of all the positive things you can bring to the table instead of adding “mud” to the conversation…

And so you know, Tradition is full of “silly” scholars… In fact, some of the best scholarly minds can be found in our rich Tradition.

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