If you commit a mortal sin, but you are forgiven and you have repented, can you still go to purgatory?

Or can I do anything while on earth to remove or lessen my time in purgatory? What are they? I heard one confessed mortal sin will put you in purgatory for 7 years.

I heard one confessed mortal sin will put you in purgatory for 7 years.

Nonsense. Or I mean, maybe. But there’s no way anyone on this side of Heaven (eh, Purgatory) could know that.

Also, note that while in the past Purgatory was often spoken of in the sense of enduring purification over time, no one really knows that for sure. Pope Benedict XVI speculated that Purgatory was more of a transforming encounter with the purity of God. So it may not take much time at all!


You get indulgences to take care of that. Be sure to read all the directions, carefully.

Also, take advantage of the Divine Mercy Sunday devotion. Lots of Catholic churches offer it on one Sunday a year.


You can also just try to live a good life, go to Confession and Mass frequently, and totally put all of your trust in God.


You might also be interested in this handy little manual

How to Avoid Purgatory


If you do good works, prayed and live a good Christian life, and repent, especially via gaining indulgences, you can remit the temporal punishment for sin, and reduce your (understandably unpleasant) stay in purgatory. Get yourself a copy of the Enchiridion to get started. You can find yourself a cheaper copy elsewhere.



Thank you I’ll read more about that.

The St Theresa link I posted above has the whole Manual of Indulgences, current version, online for free.


Dude! Confess, repent, pray, love. I’m thinking the less you sin (even though you’ll not be sinless) and the more you try to live like him (Christ) the better off you’ll be.

12 “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.14 You are My friends, if you do what I command you.”
(John 15)

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Accept the consequences of your actions…heaven is still forever!

Frankly, if I die and find myself in Purgatory I will be happy because it means I have been saved and next stop Heaven.


I dearly wish this to be true. However, Our Lady did tell the shepherd children at Fatima that a deceased acquaintance of theirs would be in Purgatory until the Last Trump. I realise that we are not bound to put credence in apparitions as if they are Holy Writ. Still, it does give one pause…

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Absolutely. Your sins are forgiven, and the eternal punishments due for them are taken away, but the temporal punishments remain, resulting in purgatory upon death (assuming no further mortal sins are on one’s soul) unless that soul has received indulgences.

Divine Mercy Sunday!

I realize this was a typo but I’m just wondering if Donald is the last one or are we going to have another one :grin:


Oh, I never thought of that! I suppose there is the potential for a mini-dynasty, similar to that of Mr Bush and his namesake. Certainly Mr Trump has several children. Perhaps, if only for the sake of the shepherd children’s friend, it might be kinder to hope that Mr Trump will indeed be the last. (And believe it or not, I intended no political criticism one way or the other with that remark!)

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Be very, very HAPPY that there is a purgatory where the stain of sin can be removed before you are ushered into the presence of the Lord God Almighty!!! Many protestants don’t understand the gift and the joy which purgatory allows poor sinners. I know the stains of my sins and welcome a place where I can get “cleaned up.”

Purgatory can remain for some things left as a result of the folly. But the pain is reduced by humble remorse.

Penance between you and the Lord. Not necessarily penance from the priest. They don’t always relate to the sinfulness.

It’s not about undoing a sinful act, but undoing sins influence on us. Efforts to turn to Jesus in self control and charity towards others reduce the pain of sin in our lives.

Purgatory is pain and spiritual wounds, revealed and confronted by the Truth of God’s judgment

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I’d be delighted to die and find myself in purgatory … that would mean that I would get to see Jesus one day.

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Yes, because some temporal punishment due to that sin probably remains (unless you obtained a plenary indulgence.)

We are punished by our sins more than for our sins.

Sin has it’s own consequence and sinners should know this, rather than fearing God keeping a list of your offenses from which he’ll punish you for if you haven’t made it to Confession before you die.

A Christian will feel the effect from a grave sin when they commit. The effect will have the person repenting from the heart, not the intellect.

To repent means to have a change of mind.

Sin, means to miss the mark, akin to an archer who misses the target he aimed for.


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