If you commit adultery against your marriage


I wanted to comment on a now closed thread on here. A person commited adultery and is reasoning that it was only once, this allows them to not confess.

I’m sorry if this offends anyone but confessing only to a priest is not an option here. A deeper problem exists that the union of marriage has been broken for whatever reason and the couple need to talk about why this happened and if the sin cannot be forgiven to move forward with the outcome.


Where does the Church teach that we are to confess our sins to our priest as well as each other?


why wouldnt you tell your partner?


All it takes isn’t one mortal sin to put one in hell. The normal way to be forgiven of mortal sin is the Sacrament of Confession The person needs to confess asap.

Get right with God first, then the spouse.


but this isnt just some person on the street, this is a person you live with and you are going to keep secrets like this?


I would confess to my partner and if they choose not to forgive me and/or help get through it then whats the point being together?


Are you arguing them that absolution through the sacrament of Confession isn’t in itself sufficient to absolve the sin of adultery?


Maybe he means confess to the spouse.


It’s easy to judge others without knowing exactly what happened.

It’s best left for the priest, and the offending spouse, together and separately to discuss the best course of action.


No, the sacrament is valid. but the church cannot teach that if you sleep with someone else while you are married then just go to a priest and all is good.


I see, your saying one must confess to spouse.


If telling my spouse of a sin was just to unburden myself, then I believe that would be selfish. What is the intention in telling the spouse about a one-time mistake that was brought on by alcohol abuse. I’d rather see this person admit to her spouse that she has an alcohol problem and deal with that…that’s the main issue in their marriage based on what was posted. Granted I also think she needs to confess her sins to a priest asap (he gets to hear everything for the purpose of absolving her).


Then the sin is forgiven.


Really? What does the church teach?


Thank you all for your replies. if you dont tell your partner, in my opinion your are playing with fire.


The Church teaches that Adultery is a sin.


Yes, and what does the Church teach that we are supposed to do when we commit a sin?


That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but that does not mean your opinion is Church teaching.


That may be your opinion, that you can apply to your life and counsel others with.

However, many people—especially clergy—see it differently. Your average parish priest will deal with his fair share of these confession and other confession against purity. :slight_smile:


Confess and try no to Sin again and is not this leaving the door open for the devil if the bond of marriage is not respected and as one mind and body there should be no secrets. I see it as taking advantage of the availability of a lie, which is what it is.

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