If you could--5 questions to answer

1.)Go one place where would it be?

2.)Do one thing what would it be?

3.)Gain one thing what would it be?

4.) Meet one person who would that be?

5.)Possess one thing what would it be?

My answers:
1.)Heaven for sure, Bora Bora (Thanks adam—Switzerland as well) 2.)Swim with dolphins or sky dive 3.)wisdom 4.)God 5.)an indoor in ground swimming pool

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Focusing on this earth

  1. the site of Jesus’s crucifixion
  2. financial independance
  3. the ability to always say the right thing
  4. Cardinal Sarah
  5. own my own home close to Church

Focusing on spiritual matters

  1. heaven
  2. grow closer to God
  3. further advancement in the spiritual life
  4. God
  5. God
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