If YOU could.change the Catholic Church


My “anecdotes” are personal experience, not hearsay, and consistent with the mission of the Church.

I accept entirely that high fees are charged in some places where that is understandable. I’ve belittled nothing. I reject your claims that high fees are widely charged across local suburban parishes and priests send the poor packing when they can’t meet the “asking price”.

But yes, let’s leave the readers to judge the matter.


So are mine. Yours come from a relative, mine from a friend. What is the difference?

Again, calling my anecdote a hearsay is insulting. Also my anecdote has a happy ending, after two priests refusing, they found one that did lower the price.

There is no way to solve this other than actually calling random parishes and asking for their price.


One from my sister, one from me personally. Fairly “personal” I think. You could ask your local parish priest. Perhaps I’ll do the same.

Why would there be a need to “priest shop”. Most Catholics marry in their (usually the bride’s) local suburban parish where they are regular Mass attenders and well known, and where (in all but rare cases) the cost is minimal.


I was released from marrying in my local parish by my parish priest, and I know he charged $800 for the church and $300 for himself. I married in a different parish in a different city for family reasons.


To expand on my earlier comment about confession: greater awareness that not everyone has a 9-5 M-F schedule. I have spent many a time waiting weeks for confession because of the difficulty of scheduling it outside of Saturday afternoon. Holy days can be difficult when masses are scheduled either early morning or in the evening (leaving a choice between going to Mass on 4h of sleep, or missing work). Most any program that has any sort of training, is also going to be held on a Saturday afternoon - I couldn’t be an EMHC or altar server because I couldn’t attend the training. I’m lucky my parish priest gave me a wavier for RCIA because I would have had no way to attend that either.

I know there’s a lot of practical difficulties here, and things tend to end up scheduled when most people can make it. But it can still feel very isolating when there’s all this stuff going on and you can’t get to any of it.


USCCB on “Cost of Catholic Weddings”:

The details are just as one would expect. For example:

“Traditionally, the couple makes a donation to the church in which they are married. Sometimes an amount—or a range—is suggested, but often it’s left to the discretion of the couple. If the bride or groom or both are registered parishioners, the suggested amount may be minimal, or none. The assumption is that they are already supporting the parish with their regular financial contributions.”

" In no case, however, should financial circumstances prevent a couple from approaching the Church for marriage."

“Some couples marry in a historic chapel or church. Keep in mind that wedding donations can be an important source of support for older buildings.”

If any person is presented with a “demand” for money to be married in their local suburban parish (and for other than real expenses, if any), that would be a serious matter.


That is what’s happening, what I have been saying the entire time. Not lowering the fee is a demand and yes, it is a serious matter.

But heck, this thread is about more than my problem with this issue.


I fully understand that. My local parish has its weekly confession time on Saturday or per appointment. But how many times I’ve turned up and the priest hasn’t been there is a bit embarrassing. I would be fuming if I had to take off work and that would happen.

Here a lot of parish groups meet during the week at 10am, which means most of the working population can’t participate. :frowning:


That dear friend, is NOT a UNIVERSAL demand



For the sake of discussion:

What Worldwide organization serving 1 BILLION Plus people is not:roll_eyes:


Yea, as the OP me TOO:open_mouth:

I WONDER if their BISHOP knows about this?


I would require couples who want to marry to study NFP and pass a test on it, not just give them a brochure at the marriage preparation course.


For the Cathedrals and historical buildings - sure, and it’s justified. For one’s own local suburban parish…I suggest not, because if it ($1000 - “take it or leave it”) were to happen, and be reported, it would soon stop happening.


Yeah, I’ve pointed out on other threads that bus schedules are a thing. I’ve had times where I can arrive either 90min before confession starts, or 30min after. And there was nowhere to wait prior to the church being opened and it was cold in winter. I’m not overly inclined to stand around in below freezing on a regular basis.

Oh yeah that always drove me nuts. Especially women’s groups.


I don’t know enough about the church in Australia to understand those fees. I think it is fair to support the clergy, although I admit $1000 seems steep. The sacraments cannot be compared to ‘labor’ like flipping burgers. My neighbor’s 60 year old son got married for the first time to a Lutheran woman, in the Lutheran church, one, because the minister was friendlier, and, two, it cost less than the Catholic church


Our cathedral just had a $ 4.5 million remodel job, and they did not have a screen for the confessional, which is a penitent’s option, supposedly.


How would I change the Catholic Church? First I’d get it to be a lot more pro-active in trumpeting the historical outcomes of Christian civilisation. Secondly I’d be honest enough to say that capitalism has been one of the greatest forces in history to help the poor and look to champion capitalism, especially in poorer countries like the Philippines, south and central Americas and central Africa.


Assuming we aren’t talking about the teachings of the Church since they are guided by the Holy Spirit and we are talking more about the human element…

As a convert myself I would like to see Catholics as a whole more enthusiastic and committed to being…Catholic. It seems like half the Catholics I know keep trying to change the Church into a quasi protestant vision instead of valuing Catholic history, art, teachings, and architecture.


Make it compulsory for all priests to learn the extraordinary form of the mass and ban contemporary music masses.


Same here. God in his wisdom has kept me out of the papacy.

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