If YOU could.change the Catholic Church


GOds PROMISE is that the gates of hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL; n ot that the boundaries will not be tested



I would return to a strict interpretation of the Word, which is under attack from all the bad priests, and leftwing extremists, who want to change the teachings, but are having a hard time doing so.
I would fire so many priests and bishops it would make your head spin, and we would be left with a powerful, wonderful and Jesus based Church; instead of a convoluted mess that we have now.
I found a great priest who refuses to do propaganda, but he is so rare. We are missing out and these extremists weaken the Church, and lessen the power of our community, and this is why they are there.


I no longer want to change the Church. I want the Church to change me.


I would not change a single thing.
Give a man infinite power, he’d try to fix everythig wrong with the world. Give the same man the wisdom to go along with it, he’d leave the world in God’s hands.


I’d change their teachings about faith and how it relates to works. I’d make them teach that salvation is by faith alone because I believe that to be Biblical. That’s one of the reasons why the book of Galatians was written-- to show that works of the law do not save.


Do you not think it likely that real faith manifests in goodness - in good acts?


Yes, good works follow true faith, but it’s the faith that saves you-- not the works themselves. The good works are a sign that the person is saved.


What does that mean?


If you are saved, you will necessarily produce good works. Those works are evidence that salvation has occurred. However, those works don’t save you. It’s one’s faith that saves. The problem I have with the Catholic church is that it says that your faith and works save you. They say that trust in Christ plus good works save you.

Catholicism doesn’t rely on Christ alone and that’s where I take issue.


You’re making stuff up now. The church has never had a priestly vocations crisis as bad as it is today. Ireland is running out of priests as there are approximately 100 young men studying for the priesthood in Ireland. The overwhelming majority of priests are over 65 years old. France already has a huge shortage of priests. In 2009, only 90 priests were ordained in France And approximately 10% of the priesthood come from Africa.

In Mexico one priest is expected to minister to approximately 7,000 followers. In the USA there is one priest per 2,000 Catholics.

In Spain Catholic Church sources confirmed that the country is experiencing a shortage of priests. Rural priests are in some cases responsible for up to a half dozen parishes at a time. In one case, a priest in Cantabria is responsible for 22 parishes. A study sponsored by the church showed that in 2007, at least 10,615 of the 23,286 parishes in Spain had no priest in permanent residence

In some regions of Brazil the priestly shortage is terrible like Bishop Krautler’s Amazon diocese which only has 27 priests for 700,000 Catholics. As a result, many Catholics might only hear Mass a couple of times a year

We can go on and on.

Actually no, what I said is quite factual. It seems it is you who is imply oblivious to this.

So I say? The church agrees with me which is why they established the seminaries in the first place where priests can be trained adequately.

This is antiquarianism, an error the Church has spoken out against. The church abandoned marrie dclergy for a celibate priesthood. Reverting is just a quick fix solution.


You’re ignorant of history. I suggest you research exactly why the seminary system was developed as it was. There is more than one type of “vocations crisis.”


Not a thing. It’s the people who need changing, not the Church. We are the Body of the Catholic Church


I wish there was a small group ministry to give people a regular opportunity to come together with other parishioners and pray.


It appears you are as you never supplement any of these assertions you make with any evidence at all. You just make baseless assertions and hope they will stick.

Thus I end this discussion with you. It’s honestly pointless.

God bless


Nor do you…


I see a distinction without a difference. True faith is manifest in good works. They are a job lot.


I actually have. I even brought stats to show the direness of the shortage.


Honestly, minus a few exceptions in mission territories, priestly vocation shortages are primarily due to heterodox vocation directors AND/OR heterodox seminaries.

Some dissent seminaries have a very large homosexual subculture which is often protected by some priests at the seminary (either because the priests are gay too, or because they are social justice types). Militant homosexuals in a seminary sometime target orthodox seminaries can can get them booted out of the seminary by reporting things like “he doesn’t accept me as a child of God,” etc.

Dissent vocation directors will keep good, orthodox candidates out of the seminary. And if a diocese sends the seminarians to a seminary with a dissent subculture, the orthodox seminaries could get booted out of the seminary or quit on their own.

I suggest reading the book “Goodbye Good Men” by Michael S. Rose

also republished as:


I would clean up the seminaries, clean up the vocation offices, and require at least one mass each Sunday (or Sat evening) to be “competitive prayer friendly” by using either the EF, the OF in Latin with Chant, or the OF just like EWTN does it.


I would not change any of the Churches teachings, but maybe to bring up good approved practices and writings to help Her members get closer to God like encouraging praying all fifteen decades of the Rosary and on Marian consecration which are efficacious ways of reaching perfection. However Christ and the Holy Spirit are in control so if they would want a sort of spiritual renewal to occur than it will happen.

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