If you could form a new country....

…what form of government would you want and where would you want it to be?

I ask this in the SJ forum because it is a social issue and to ask if it would be justified?

Please, no discussions about any current country’s failings/benefits. And let’s not get overly worked up, either. Let’s keep this a straight up discussion of options. Thank you. :tiphat:

I would prefer to take over a country with plentiful natural resources, but if not, then an island somewhere.

The USA has a great Constitution but I would need to make sure there was no progressive income tax and I would clarify the 1st amendment so that there would be no question of a false separation of church and state. The 2nd amendment would stay, and in fact, I might require everyone to have a gun, be able to use it, and keep it in good condition (like Switzerland). No income tax and no general election of the Senate. Divided government is good but the President might have to be more limited.

Obviously we could not fund a large army, but we wouldn’t need to. There would have to be a strong immigration policy and the first generation founders would be the only unlimited citizens. Others coming after that would have to be vetted.

I guess we could take over parts of Canada…:wink:

If I were to create a new country, it would be founded on Catholic principles of justice, and it would take very seriously the idea of subsidiarity - local affairs being handled locally. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of work and business would be extremely important values, as well.

Some countries are ruled by lawyers, some by police; others are ruled by soldiers - my ruling class would be made up of priests, Bishops, and members of religious orders.

My country would be located in a temperate region where it doesn’t get too hot in the summer, nor too cold in the winter. It would have lots of fresh water, and lots of natural resources.

My husband and I often fantasize about emigrating to one of the constitutional monarchies of northern Europe (Belgium, Denmark, etc.). Universal health care, affordable higher education, functioning social safety nets, environmentally and socially progressive, good cheeses…:stuck_out_tongue:


If funds were available, I’d build an island somewhere in the Pacific–there’s lots of open ocean there that isn’t too close to other countries.

My system of government would be a monarchy in which everyone is considered aristocracy, so anyone and everyone would have access to government. Family clans would make their own localized decisions for their own family groups, but anyone would be able to marry into any other clan.

A monarchy would keep peace between family clans and see to the general welfare and defense of everyone, and therefore head of armed forces and all would learn, according to his ability to use weapons for defense.

All would work with their own hands at doing whatever is needed for the survival and well-being of the whole, but no one would be able to demand that another give up any personal property.

Guilds would teach the young various trades and vocations to religious life would be encouraged for those whom God calls. We’d have our own bishop and priests.

There would be the basic freedoms, but no one would be allowed to upset the civil order. Such infractions would be handled within family clans unless they are capital offenses such as murder or treason, which the monarch would preside over.

The island would grow with the population and anyone who wished to leave could with no shaming or shunning. New people would have to conform to the general order of the society.

A thousand couples/families would be needed to sustain and grow the population and all would be invested in its building, according to his means, and maintenance according to where he lived on the island. Anyone could build dwellings of any size to accommodate his family/farm/business.

Would that make me an American citizen de facto? Where do I sign?:stuck_out_tongue:

It would be best to start over with a colony on Mars. The Rule of St. Benedict can very nicely be applied to secular life.

I would choose where we are, but not as we are. The USA that I was born into in the first half of the 20th century was a land of opportunity. God, family, marriage commitment (between one man and one woman) were the norm. Abortion was not an option for the average person. Homosexuality was considered an abomination, or something not to be paraded in public. We spoke with love and pride of our country. We knew that if we set our minds and hearts on something, with hard work we could achieve it. Maybe I’m a whiner, but that is no longer the country that I live in. We are growing into a nation of dependents, waiting to be taken care of. Oh to see us shake off the need for handouts and stand proudly on our own again. This is not to say that we shouldn’t help the needy, but also to show them a way out of their dependence. America in the first half of the 20th centuty went from poverty and dependence on government aid, to a proud self-reliant nation – the leader of the world. That’s the country I yearn to see again.

I don’t mind living among sinners. I’d drop London in Alberta, with a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. And mandatory cheap flights to ROC and Europe.:thumbsup:

This is an awesome question! Thanks for asking it.

Oddly enough, I have given great thought to this and it has really ignited an interest in political philosophy.

Firstly, I figure that the finest government for such a sovereign state would be an Absolute Monarchy founded on Catholic Tradition. It would be the new and loyal “Temporal Sword”. Now I feel I should clarify that this Absolute Monarchy would NOT be a despotism by any means or a dictatorship. There would be a lower (elected) Chamber of Representatives that advises the (appointed) Higher Chamber. Call it, the House of Commons and House of Lords. I would consider founding a co-Principality with the Archbishop and myself.

Secondly, I feel that an ideal “location” would be New England. Only, I would hate for the same people to be there. They’d rebel the second I am coronated (or should I say “We are”). I like the environment of New England.

As for laws and restrictions, all abortion would be illegal, homosexual unions would be outlawed, cohabitating would be a crime as well. The spreading of heresy would be left to the Ecclesiastical Courts, as well to desecration, blasphemy, etc. but the Executive Court would deal the penalty. Income Taxes would have a ceiling at 5%, but Provinces would be free to tax to their will, though they would still be subject (naturally) to the monarch.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Why the subsidized cheap flights to Taiwan???

That’s got to be expensive.


A new country wouldn’t change anyone from a sinner into a saint, I agree. :yup: But, I’d like to think a new society based on Catholic principles, as I outlined above, would stand a better chance than living in the kind that allows anything and pushes evil on everyone. I thought about parts of Canada, but who wants to freeze their tush off when they can live where the weather is more friendly to human habitation? And I say that as a Minnesotan. :wink:

If the rules of the game allow tucking the new nation into an existing country’s square mileage, I’d go with TX over Canada. Canada rocks, but I am not in love with winter :slight_smile:

As to the form of government, I’m stuck between a direct democracy and some form of a revised Papal state (where the nuncio would represent His Holiness).


Could have an elected co-Presidency, with one being a directly elected president and the other being a Papal Nuncio. Ultimate checks and balances.

ROC = Rest of Canada:D

BTW for all those who want a monarchy… who is going to be King/Queen?:stuck_out_tongue:

I am a monarchist, but I do not know who would rule. I find myself to be unfit to rule, however if I was to be God’s appointed I would not have such pride to reject Him. I think that, perhaps, a French Pretender, Louis XX could assume the throne. Or perhaps the Holy Father could legitimately recognize someone.

Scott and Kimberly Hahn. :smiley:

Likewise, my monarchy would follow Salic Law, women would not be able to ascend the throne.

I’m with you! I’d love to move to your country, where I could afford better education and have some chance at health care for myself and my loved ones, all of whom have serious health issues going on and no coverage available.

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