If you could go on a CAF cruise for a week would you go?

Just curious. I think it would be interesting. :slight_smile: Who exactly are some of you characters, anyways?? Itinerary TBA…

Wow. Interesting question. I note you specify the Forum, not Catholic Answers. Thus my answer is directed that way.

I have met some very interesting people on the Forum. I would be delighted in getting to know them better; exchanging ideas, learning, just plain talking.

Then I got to thinking about the members who basically like to stir the pot. Yeah, but those you simply distance yourself from.

But you’re captive on a cruise ship.

But they have every right to be there too. Their views are valuable too.

Maybe at the end of the cruise, maybe, just maybe everyone gets a little better understanding of each other. Maybe, just maybe the forum runs a little smoother. Hmmm. Tempting. Tantalizing.

Wow, Jamal, you really have me conflicted here. Part of me wants to go pack my bags, part of me strongly worr would place me in a near occasion of sin, as I really don’t like conflict… that’s not who I am.

Dunno, I guess the deciding vote would be the itinerary.

Hows that for a non answer?



You’ve already been Shanghai’d Stephie. It’s too late to turn back now. Besides that, I’m sure I can pick you out of a crowd of a hundred. :smiley: Don’t worry the itinerary will be very good.

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Would there be room for this ginger cat to earn their board and keep ? :cat::mouse:
If there were religious on board,regular mass and confessions and good talks -yes :slight_smile:

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Confession??? What’s that? And why would we need it? :thinking:

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I would go because I think people are interesting and always like to interview them, which some people don’t seem to like for some reason.

Wow…a week…would anyone be left by the time we docked at home ?:grimacing:


That’s one of my concerns as well. We could all come back banned.


I’m not sure if the moderators get to come or not. Have to think on that one.

I was thinking already about a brig as I typed the OP, but maybe that’s a bit excessive. :slight_smile: (Well, the thought of a plank also crossed my mind…)

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Perhaps a handful of bouncers could be a good idea.

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Seriously though, I would do it if money were not a concern.

I’m quite certain it would be most appropriate to wear our own avatars to save confusion :face_with_monocle:

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I look just like my Avatar pic, you know.


Oh, that reminds me, I really like the show SuperGirl. This third season is not as good as one and two, but I’m warming up to it a bit.

But Stephie, I’m pretty sure you’re not like 25 or whatever. That’s ok, we won’t hold that against you. :male_detective:

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:smiley: ! You could set your Brig up on a lake somewhere and just sail in circles :thinking:

You mean like some of the posts go on some of the threads?


Yes, that too :slight_smile:

Where do the cruises go usually? (They do have them?)if I could afford it I would love to go,especially if there were great talks given by priests, more like a retreat. I’m sure face to face everyone would be quite polite.

I would take a cruise to Italy, the Adriatic and Greece. the cruise would start at Rome and the Vatican, then Naples, then Sicily, then Venice, then Dubrovnik, and finally a few stops in Greece, finishing up at Athens.
As for another choice, I would take a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg along the Volga River, the Volga Baltic waterway, the Svir River, and Lake Ladoga.

The moderators are supposed to be anonymous or something like that. They would need to go fully incognito, I suppose, or under an alias. We could figure something out if they want to come along as long as they promise not to be too much sticks in the mud. I think they would promise to behave. They need a break, anyways. But then again, meeting “these people” might drive them completely over the edge. Not sure.

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