If you dip something in Holy Water, is it blessed?


Hi everyone,

If you dip something, let’s say a rosary, in Holy Water, is it considered blessed? I know it’s not the same as getting a priest to bless it, But does it have some spiritual benifits?



I don’t think so…However when people visit the relics of canonized saints many will press a handkerchief to the reliquary just like in the days of the apostles

I think you still need a priest to bless something…holy water is just a sacramental…



I don’t think so. I think only a priest can make something ‘blessed’.

If you touch something to a relic of a Saint, you get a third class relic, but that’s different…

However, you can put holy water on yourself and in your room, and although the objects the holy water touches won’t be “blessed” on their own, the holy water is a sacramental so its good as spiritual protection etc :slight_smile:


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