If you do , how do you picture your Guardian Angel?

Psalm 91:11 tells us , “He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways .”

Jesus said , “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.”

Yes , angels are spirits , but some , being creatures of body and spirit , like to have an image , a picture in their minds of their Guardian Angels .

Picture 1 - - - - - - - - - -

Picture 2 - - - - - - - - - -


Picture 3 - - - - - - - - - -

Picture 1 is the one I grew up with , and best suits the hymns and prayers we had for our Guardian Angels . As I grew older it put me off angels .

Picture 2 is bearable .

But as I now become increasingly aware of the battles going on both within and without , I realise that my Guardian Angel needs to be a mighty warrior , much like the image we associate with Michael the Archangel . So I opt for Picture 3 .

I need a warrior angel as my Guardian Angel to help in the power of the Spirit as I am faced with all that the Devil , the Evil One , places around me to lure me .

I need a warrior angel as my Guardian Angel to help in the power of the Spirit as I struggle to say “No” daily to the noise of the world which is very loud in its attempts to persuade me that my needs can be met in the human society in which I live .

I need a warrior angel as my Guardian Angel to help in the power of the Spirit as I tussle with the temptations of the flesh .

I don’t know which image , if any , suits you .

But may your Guardian Angels be mighty warriors for you as you battle on .


This was the image I grew up with. A couple years ago I received a rosary with a random medal and it happened to be St. Michael on one side and this image on the other, which was a nice reminder of my childhood.


These days I have no idea what my angel would look like. I wish I could see the angel, but I am not so favored.


Yes they are all mighty and beautiful, thank you for the reminder. I’ve never really pictured mine but I do have dialogue and thank him often or I’ll ask him to walk with me. Sometimes if I’m feeling blue about something I’ve prayed for years about I’ll ask him if he can please tell God this or that. ( ofcourse Jesus already knows).
Sometimes, rarely, i have the audacity to ask him to show me he’s around (when i’m upset).
I wonder if they love us?
I feel they are strict in terms of they don’t care what we humans want or ask for, strictly will assist only in what’s good for our soul. That’s a warrior.


I don’t.

I imagine him as a virtuous inner voice


As we grow and mature on our faith Journey, our image of Jesus and God and angels should mature and grow too.

Its the same with with the church. I think its a gift of the Holy Spirit to increase our understanding and wisdom.
I was just in a thread , discussing the fully human nature of Jesus with someone, who says well Jesus was so holy , He never laughed, serious all the time.

With maturity of faith, on our faith journey , and its the same with the church, we start to realise the fully human nature of Jesus.

Do angels struggle and become happy or despondent when we fail to respond to them. Angels must be so patient with us humans. in my humble opinion. It takes some humans decades to turn to God. Even with their angel’s guidance


I read that St Pio was once being assailed by several of the enemy in his cell and though he called for asstance from his angel it failed to come quickly. Eventually he became aware of his angel singing praises to God and ignoring the fight! Afterwards he rebuked the angel, asking why he hadn’t helped and the angel explained, he was praising God for the blessings He was bestowing upon our dear saint.

Padre Pio had quite a bit to say about his guardian angel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading what he’d said. What a wonderful gift Our Lord has given us in these creatures.

As for patience, I think maybe they know so much. Even I am aware of what to expect when I nurture a plant from seed to flower, how much more they know than us?


Guardian Angels are spirits. They have no bodies.


I have always thought of my and all angels as light. Bright and intense like the Sun. :woman_shrugging:t4:



:smile::smile: I do hope he is patient with me.

I also like this picture


My guardian angel is not human so I don’t picture him as human but more of as a presence or as a supernatural force.

I say him in the generic sense because angels do not have a sex.

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Did you read the book written by Peter Kreeft, Angels and Demons?
In it, he says angels are warriors and are supposed to be regarded as such.


Angels are pure intellect and will, bodiless.

Through salvation history, when God has sent an angel to interact with humans they have always used male bodies.

I thought the movie “The Nativity Story” did a nice job of depicting Gabriel interacting with Mary, a spirit-like presence moving around her sort of like fog, but with a distinctly male voice.

Angels are incredibly powerful beings - Valentine Day cards with cute little cherubs give people a wrong impression. An angel could will that the earth go smashing into the sun, and it would happen. THAT powerful.

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I’d really like a guardian angel who looked like the Equalizer off the old TV show.

Or perhaps like one of Curt Sliwa’s “Guardian Angels” , who I used to see around downtown years ago when I was waiting for the bus. It was a bit risky to do that then, a lot of people didn’t even go downtown. Saw Curt himself one day down there too.


I picture mine napping on the job.

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I don’t picture my guardian angel in my mind. But I do ask him to pray for me.

Without wings. Maybe looks like me when he takes on a human form. I see him as a representative for me at the court of justice. As an instrument of the Holy Spirit.

Shaking head a lot if my Guardian Angel.

Seriously strong, kind, caring and ready for anything.


Actually you are not correct.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks clearly to this point, cf. paragraphs 328 and 330.

Angels do not have bodies they are pure intellect and will.

When they are sent (angel means “messenger” in Greek) by God to interact with humanity they often appear in male bodies, but that is for the benefit of those they interact with.

Also, it wasn’t until the fall of Adam and Eve that nakedness was associated with sin. Their shame is what caused them to make clothing.

Finally, Jesus most certainly passed through the walls of the upper room. The doors were locked, yet he appeared to them. The laws of nature are subject to their Creator - Jesus walked on water, passed through locked doors/walls, created new mass (multiplying the loaves and fishes), etc.

Deacon Christopher


ACrosSticks, are you Catholic? You list your religion as “following Truth” and then quote a bunch of Bible stuff as you “disagree” with the Catechism and contradict a deacon.

This does not sound like a Catholic speaking, who would respect both the Catechism and the deacon, and call the Catholic faith “spiritism” and “spiritualism”. You are in a section on Catholic Living and Spirituality, not in the Non-Catholic Religions section.

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