If you ever have a chance to hear Jason Evert's Pure Love talk


Jason spoke at the Catholic high school I teach at today. He had over 700 teenagers in the palm of his hand - they were so into what he was saying. (If you’ve been to some of our other assemblies, you’d realize what an accomplishment this was!!).

It was one of the best presentations we’ve ever had and I’m sure it influenced many (some?) of our students to make good choices.

I have a Sophomore daughter who was there so I had more than a token interest in hoping Jason was able to make some points clear!!! I’m anxious to get her take on it all when she gets home from track practice.

I would highly recommend this presentation to anyone.


Amen! I made his book required reading in order to start dating for my teenagers. I also played the tape for them while I had them trapped in the car and took one of my teenagers to hear him. You can probably link to more information about him from the CA webpage at the top bar of this page.

Jason has a “Pure Love” DVD which is a recording of one of his talks at a high school. It’s very good. I would recommend it to anyone.

Just got back from picking up my daughter and her take was close to mine. She thought it was a great talk (woo hoo for me!!) and she couldn’t believe he talked for an hour and a half - it went by so fast. My impression (and desperate hope and prayer) is that for her it was one more reason to keep her on the path I think she’s chosen and no big life changing moment. But, she did talk about several classmates who left in tears because she assumed some points hit too close to home. Hopefully, some will truly take to heart Jason’s message of hope.


I recommend Jason Everts seminars, books, tapes, dvd to anyone who loves their children enough to sit down with them and talk about sex/chastity. If you want him in your town, get a good supportive group together and call Catholic Answers and book him!

I have went to more than one of his talks, own his dvd, a few audio tapes, pure love booklet, and his book if you really loved me.

He also is a personal friend… He is the best chastity speak I know.
He has a gift for this work in the Church.

I gave his book to my older brother, and younger sister. With very good results

Yep, I watched one of his videos, and found it to be the best chastity talk I have ever seen. I really wish that our Confirmation program would use him instead, because it seems like all the kids shut down to the speaker we get. Jason has a talent for this.


If you go to his website, you can listen to his whole talk on Real Player. It is great!! I just bought the DVD and book from CA.

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