If you had 30 free minutes a day, Rosary or quick Prayer & Scripture?


If you only had 30 min a day, which would you do?


If, if I only have 30 minutes in the morning, I will first read the daily Scriptures then do my rosary.

However, on top of the undivided time for prayers in the morning, we have all the time throughout the day for frequent or even just occassional recourse and recollection of God. Ideally we can make prayer the main part of our daily lives that in God we live, move and have our bings.


I would pray the Rosary. Quick or “arrow” prayers can be throughout the day (and I can’t imagine not doing that anyway). Our Blessed Mother is bringing you close to her Son, which may very well open up more time for you (including time for meditation, too).
How about praying the Scriptural Rosary if you feel you could benefit from that? (I would still try to get in some meditation/contemplation - I have much worse days if/when I don’t.:shrug: )


30 minutes? I’d be tempted to split the time between the two - spend 15 minutes with scripture and pray a few decades of the Rosary with the rest. That way you’re getting the best of both worlds each day :yup: :getholy:


Rosary. I sometimes say a prayer intention right before the Our Father beads, and after saying the current mystery of the Rosary.


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