If you had ONE wish, what would you wish for?


Simple. But you CANNOT wish for more wishes
or world peace


I wish i can be richer…0.o


I’d wish for one hundred million dollars.

Than after heeding the advice on Quick Money and Sqwack Box for a few years, I’d have a million dollars.



Read my best seller “How I made five dollars in real estate.”

I’d wish for a trade I enjoyed.


I wish to live the life of an anime fantasy adventurer (offensive spellcaster-type preferably :nerd:)…

… cuz I swear if I have to put up with one more week of boring, grinding everyday life, I’m gonna go bananas!!! DX

(See? It’s already starting to show. :blush:)


For those who serve Satan to repent and sin no more.


i would offer up the wish as a sacrifice by not using it. i would pray that God accept my offering and apply any merit from it to those men hoping to become priests that they let the Holy Spirit guide them, that they persevere in their vocation, and that they become spiritually healthy priests and will guide their flock accordingly.


Just one wish huh? How bout wishing for more wishes? LOL :shrug:

Unless there are provisos, quid pro quos and limits on more wishes, then I guess I will have to go with having enough to live comfortably-stress free economical life-lol-crossing fingersso I can provide for my family without pulling my hair out, going insane nor in debt- and have enough to share with those less fortunate than myself…without having to not eat for a day in order to do so!! LOL :frowning:

Because if I ask for riches, believe me not even 10 billion dollars would be enough! lol Money makes you really hungry!! LOL

But hey here’s hoping!! LOL


I’d wish for enough…for everyone


I’d wish that there’d be no more abortions

I don’t want millions of dollars. I think that brings more problems than happiness…


I would wish for all souls to be faithful to the One, True, Holy Trinity! :getholy:


I’d wish that there had never been any schisms or reformations and that Islam had never existed.


Boy oh boy… lots of selfish wishes like our house selling and getting to move out of my mom’s house or winning the lottery or getting pregnant flew right through my head but here it is:

I wish that my former foster baby and her brother would never ever have to suffer or see scary things again and that they could have a mom and dad.


The return of my Family


I would wish that every single person alive on the earth at this moment… would go to Heaven one day. :smiley:

God bless.



I know it sounds selfish and small-minded, but I wish I could have the body that I had when I was in college, with a thin belly, strong legs and feet, smaller boobs, no upper arm flappers, low blood pressure, and a bladder that can stay quiet without meds. :frowning:


I’d wish to be a stay at home mom until the kids are much older…


I’d wish for a genie, who I’d ask to grant me an infinite number of wishes.


Thinking super-powered wishes:
The power to manipulate matter, energy, and entropy in any way I want (including breaking the laws of physics). I could prevent my own aging and dying, make money appear out of thin air, etc. I could keep the universe operating forever.
I left out time because I’d be sure to accidently destroy the universe in some type paradox thingy-ma-jig.
If I managed to not destroy everything on accident, I’d eventually get bored, so that’s a problem.

Another super-powered wish possibility:
The ability to make everyone obey me by making them want to obey me. (As in, they are extremely happy to do so.)
I’m sure I’d abuse this one a lot, but I’d also end war (etc) forever. There’d be more good than bad.

Another one:
To make everyone in the world a lot more logical when it comes to beliefs. (Evidence more required for people to form decisions than how it is now.) Obviously, sometimes decisions would need to be made with not enough info/evidence, but I’m mostly talking about people jumping to outrageous beliefs, even with no evidence. (Ex: No more Muslim suicide bombers.)
I think this one is the best one because it seems to carry the least amount of problems. It just means people will make informed decisions whenever possible.


I’d wish for a cure for cancer.

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