If you had ONE wish, what would you wish for?


This may sound cheesy, but I would wish to be happy.

My first thought would be to wish for health, because without it enjoying life is very difficult. But then I can remember being young and poor, and life was often a struggle.

So happiness is my wish. :o



I wish that my dad had a better life with no illness and that he had not died so young alone at home on the first day of the year with a broken heart. I love you dad and im so sorry for not doing enough. I wish it wasent you if i could i would trade places with you without a doubt or hessitation. I love you very much more than you ever knew. xx:(



To live out TO THE FULLEST God’s perfect plan for me. Because there’s never been anything I’ve really wanted, like money or success or a family or love, but I’ve ALWAYS had a nagging fear of not fulfilling some grand heroic mission… that I don’t know what should entail… :rolleyes:… so I always pray that God guide my life, career, etc., towards that paticular mission… or whatever I should be doing.



US presidential election 2008 DO OVER!:D:p Form the get go, the very beginning, from primaries and nominees on. Seriously.



I feel your pain, sister! Not really the bladder or blood pressure part, but oh, to have my 21 year old body, and realize what a gift it was, instead of thinking I wasn’t ‘good enough’ !! :banghead:



a college degreee



For this its never too late go for it!!! Whats stopping you seriously?



Stop wishing — this is one wish that can come true! I wanted a college degree, too. I went back to college at the age of 45 and got my degree after being out of school since 1971, marrying and raising two children! I have never regretted it — you are never too old to learn!

Do it!




(Saying this as I sit at home recovering from a partial shoulder replacement.)



I wish I could sing.

I mean, really, really well…so good that I could make it my career.



I would wish for a major lottery win so I could take care of my family members that still remain.

A selfish wish: I would wish that, before I leave Canada upon my retirement in 4 years, that someone in the Province of Ontario would invite me to lunch, or to dinner in his or her home. I have lived here more than 11 years and only once while I have lived here has someone in this Province including the people of my church (and I have attended six churches in search of a congregation that takes notice of me) has ever invited me to his or her home. In five years no one at my office invited me to lunch until I had a meltdown after my Daddy died and nobody in the office organized a card, sent me flowers, or even passed the word that Daddy had died – then one woman who was the Managing Partners assistant invited me to lunch once because she could not believe that nobody had comforted me (except my boss, who is wonderful, and a woman whom I had sent a card when her mother died).

If I won the lottery as above, I would spend a lot of time taking lonely people to lunch and inviting them to my home, and I would establish a foundation for heaping coals of fire on the heads of the indifferent, unfriendly, secretive people of this Province.\ and teaching them how socialism has sapped the souls right out of them.

World Peace is rubbish if you would not extend a hand to the woman in the next office. And I mean that particularly for all those of you who spent your time boo-hooing about Michael Jackson, a Hollywood freak who wouldnt give you the back of his hand, and walk right past people in your midst that you could comfort and befriend.



that I had never aborted my son and daughter over 30 years ago.



So you would take over Gods job and this time you would make us all puppets you could manipulate at will?

I suppose this is the reason He is God and we are not.



I wish I could heal people and raise them from the dead, like Jesus did.:slight_smile:



I already made my wish but I ditto you on that. My dad died thinking no one cared. I’ll never get over that.:nope:
I guess that’s why I wished for what I wished.



I wish for me and my family to be healthy until very old age…



**To spend 15 seconds in Purgatory before death and be able to recall my impressions so the experience could give a real shape to choices I make.




Same here! :slight_smile:



I remember reading somewhere that if everyone in the world was told that he or she had 15 minutes of life left, the phone lines would be jammed with people calling other people to say I Love You.

Why not pretend that starting now, you have 15 minutes to live, and call somebody with that very important message? Those three words may be the difference to someone between life and death.



I would wish that my daughter were not an alcoholic.


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