If you had to choose a different religion

First, this is just a thought I randomly had. I have no desire to leave the Catholic Church or anything.

If an extreme event occurred and the Catholic Church disappeared, what religion would you become, if any?

Anglican/Episcopal? Lutheran? Eastern Orthodox?

I think I would be drawn to the unprogrammed Quakers. They have some funky beliefs, but I admire their values.

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If the Catholic Church ceased to exist as an organized religion, I would still remember that it once existed and would continue to be spiritually Catholic.

If every Catholic person ceased to exist, I would be dead and in no position to choose another religion.


To be fair, everything you just mentioned is some form of Christianity, for me to change a religion, I’d have to become a non-Christian. If the EOC still existed, I’d probably chose that. However, if no form of Christianity was left in existence, I guess I’d be a Catholic without access to the sacraments, because if I’m still alive, there are still Catholics. Now, if the Church was never founded, then my country would have never been colonised, and I would not exist, due to my mixed ethnic background, and there would be no call to evangalise the world. Be careful when you ask questions like this, given that there’s often no real way to answer this question without using some sort of time machine.


If the church disappears that would either mean it was judgement day or the gate of hell had prevailed.

If it’s judgement day I hope I am worthy of being placed on His right with the rest of the sheep.

If hell has prevailed then God is a liar and there is no God at all. All of Christianity, not just Catholicism, were be for naught. I’d be in utter despair. No other religion would suffice.

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I don’t believe it’s possible, but if for some reason the Pope went insane and declared Mary the 4th person of the “?quadrinity?” or said he’d start ordaining women as Priests, then I’d break communion with Rome and go to an Eastern Orthodox Church.

I wonder if such a bizarre thing happened, if a group of orthodox Catholic Bishops would break off and elect a new Pope?

However, I don’t believe its possible for the Roman Church to fall to heresy. Rome won’t fall until Jesus returns, and then it won’t so much fall, but rather will be transfigured.

Eastern Orthodox.

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If I had to choose a different religion, I’d be Catholic :smiley:

Still might…


I’d go Eastern Orthodox.

If Christianity altogether stopped existing, I’d check out Islam. I’ve always been oddly curious about that religion.

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Clearly it’s about as hypothetical as it comes (and as a convert I kind of did choose a different religion to my parents!) but, if pushed for an answer as to what else I would choose from the non-Christian religions then I reckon probably Jewish…

I’m with you. Quakerism is my second choice if Judaism (heaven forbid) disappeared. I once taught at a Friends School, learned a lot about their religious beliefs, and liked their philosophy of life.


One can always practice their own religion in private if for one reason or another they cannot do it publicly.
But if I were to envision myself not being Eastern Orthodox and just had to pick another one it would probably be Judaism because EO got me accustomed to venerating a lot of Jewish saints including the prophets and other saints of the OT whom I find nowhere else represented except in Judaism. But I will always believe that Jesus is God so that would make me a Messianic Jew eventually.

If Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy were both fallen I’d be an agnostic atheist.

All the various forms of Protestantism are illogical IMO, and Judaism and Islam don’t recognize Christ as God. If Jesus isn’t God then I don’t feel any religion has formed a coherent theology about exactly what and who God is.

Christ is the centerpiece by which my faith stands or falls, and the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths IMO are the only fully logical forms of Christianity.

Luckily, I believe the Catholic Church is indefectible and here to stay… And I have no reason at all or indicator to believe otherwise or even doubt. Pope Francis is a beaming Image of Christ and every word he speaks is full of grace… I feel so blessed to be in communion with such a spiritual giant as our Holy Father.

Eastern Orthodoxy though is in dire straits… I have doubts it will exist in 2030 the way it exists today. The whole EO communion IMO is bursting at the seems and ready to collapse on itself.

This is an impossible hypothetical.

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I agree.

The Barque of Peter is an unsinkable ship, supernaturally held together above the waters by God himself.

The waves may beat the boat and planks and bolts may fall out, the boat may be bruised and battered and beaten, passengers may go overboard, sharks may wash up into the deck, but it will not sink. Jesus solemnly swore on that.


Due to my natural limitations I carry a poor substitute for what is the whole of the Catholic faith in my mind. If I imagine the world suddenly without the Catholic Church I would still carry that same poor substitute in my mind. I would miss the sacraments of course.

While the redoubtable Catholic Church serves Almighty God it will not fall, as part of the body of Christ it behoves us to ensure that those conditions are met or are exceeded in perpetuity lest, heaven forfend, we fail Our Lord.

If no Christian Religion existed and I forgot about Catholicism I would become Jewish :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve always been intrigued by the Amish.
I think because their close knit community and I never had one.
Plus I like the old-timey aesthetic.

I don’t have a lot of opportunities to interact with them, but they’ve always been polite. I interact more with mennonites (who in my area are Amish-lite) and they’re very sweet, too.


They are generally really nice, you are right. Some of my family farms, so they interface with the Amish pretty regularly.

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My wife is reform Jewish, and I’ve seen enough to know I probably wouldn’t become Jewish. The lack of Jesus is a big stumbling block, and the Messianic Jews are not Jewish and were started as away to convert the Jewish population.

Roses are reddish
Violets are bluish
If it weren’t for Christmas
We’d all be Jewish.

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