If you knew 100% God was sending you to hell, would you still love him ? ( Honestly )

Would be interesting to hear others thoughts?

I would like to believe yes as he would have had good reasons.

To love and lost is better than not loving at all?

I feel like only people who hate God go to Hell.


Those who go to Hell are those who deny God, hate God or who place themselves above God/view God as an extension of their own will/intention.


God doesn’t send us. While He allows it, it is the person who through their actions that condemns their own soul to hell.

How can a person truly love God and at the same time commit such actions?


If some one didnt believe in god so he sent them to hell then that person would know then that he existed. And it wouldnt be his fault he got sent to hell. So yeah. I guess he’d hate god then.

Hatred is the response to all problems in life, from humanity. Poetry is the hatred of pain in life, music frequently features a hatred of current structure, and much more.

What I meant was, Believer or not if you knew you was going to hell ( devil’s advocate).

Would you still love him and follow his laws in this life?

In other words if God gave us nothing, no happiness, no joy, no promises to spend eternity with Him… would we still love Him… YES, because even if there were no promises there would still be hope.


I like that answer.


I absolutely agree

Knowing for certain that I would be condemned to h3|| would make me more likely to live as I saw fit. If God cannot lie, my actions would have no effect on the outcome regardless. The decision was made and final.
(I resist typing the name of that place)
Dominus vobiscum

If you “knew 100% God was sending you to hell” it would be because you already don’t love him (honestly)!

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It still exists, and no mentioning" the name of that place" is like mentioning that God’s acknowledgement of that place is misplaced.

Same result as if I know 100% I’m going to heaven - will tend to make people do whatever they want since their decisions don’t affect what happens when they die

(why current trend of “reasonable hope all men be saved” is so dangerous)


As atheists on these forums often like to point out to us, we don’t really believe in a neverending and inescapable state of conscious torment and suffering for ourselves. In fact, such a state of existence is inconceivable to our imaginations. Most of us believe probably like CS Lewis reasoned - “the door to Hell is locked from the inside” (the “prisoner” herself keeps the door locked bc she tells herself that she wants no part with the Good). But can she go on believing this forever-ever?

What humans among us allow themselves to stay in unending states of misery and torment here on Earth? How about none. Zero. Nobody does this. When we are utterly miserable and tormented, we make changes. Or, if we are powerless to change the thing causing us misery (eg, death of a loved one) we tell ourselves “this too shall pass.” Humans cannot help but be hopeful of better days ahead. It’s our very nature to do so. Why would this cease post-mortem?

God doesn’t send anyone to hell, so this is a moot question. We choose to go there.


You’re asking a “could God make a square circle” question, but I’m feeling adventurous today.

One of the Saints (I think St Therese of Lisieux) said something to the effect that because the souls in Hell do nothing but hate and curse God, she could wish to be sent to Hell so she could love Him and praise Him and know there wasn’t a place in the Universe where He wasnt loved.

That’s pretty hardcore :slightly_smiling_face:

Then there are people like St Maxilian Kolbe, who lived in Hell-On-Earth (Auschwitz) and loved Him anyway.


That’s wonderful Scarlet! Thank you for sharing that story. I had never heard that. I need to familiarize myself much more with the Little Flower. What an immense heart for such a little person! Great stuff.


I choose to dishonor the place in my own way by not writing it “correctly”. Just my own oddity.
Dominus vobiscum

If I had within me any ounce of love for God I’d still seek Him in this life. In that way, there is still hope that God, being more merciful than any of us could ever comprehend, might save me in spite of myself.

My mind’s 100% certainty is no match for the love and mercy of God.

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