If you live in Wisconsin

If you live in Wisconsin, then you should know that today, and just for today, the state has been renamed Packistan.

Who put the sin in Wisconsin?

“sin” is Latin for “without” so the state’s name means “without Wiscon” which I assume comes from the name of some Indian tribe that was pushed out by the first Anglo settlers, so they names the state “Wiscon-sin” literally, nope, no more Wiscon’s here. Sorry little unsettled watching da bears so not quite charitable toward your state today.

Pete: Hey, isn’t “Milwaukee” an Indian name?
Alice Cooper: Yes, Pete, it is. In fact , it’s pronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”
Wayne Campbell: I was not aware of that.

and in the other half of the nightmare, Steelers win

wonder which Indian tribe gave Cleveland its name and put us under their curse. have you any idea what it is like to be a Cleveland fan? do you? did you know Cleveland has the highest days of gloomy dark overcast putrid skies in the year of any major metropolitan area? Have you ever lived through the playoffs? have you? huh? doesn’t matter if they get in or not, it is still torture.

Sorry Puzzleannie - I feel your pain having grown up in Cleveland. Cloudy days + the Browns can make anyone grumpy. Add lake effect snow and it’s almost more than a body can take.

I’ve lived in Chicago for years so now I’m a BEARS fan. This super bowl I’m GO STEELERS all the way. :thumbsup:

And what about “Milwaukie”? That, apparently, is Algonquin for “the good land, only the one in Oregon.”
(Really. Check it out on Google, I’m not kidding.)

Vice Lombardi

Who put the sin in Wisconsin?

“Vice Lombardi”

Good One**

I lived in Wisconsin for 15 years. I told my mother that Wisconsin was called “God’s country” because that’s where He practiced with the weather before sending it to Texas. Yes, my mother lived in Texas where we were both born.

hmmm… It seems like Jay Cutler should go and live and Packistan for a while for his own benefit.

Well, I grew up 30 minutes from Green Bay. Now I live in MN, but you’ll never find me a Vikings fan.

I don’t really care about football one way or another.

It’s just a game, really.

I say what a bunch of sore losers… Because, honestly, Wisconsin is a great place to live.

everybody in this park (except the Canadians) is from Minnesota or S. Dakota, and they are all Green Bay fans, go figure.

Did you also know it has the most beautiful sunsets in the U.S.

Smart people! :thumbsup:

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