If you live up north PLEASE share pictures of the leaves changing


I just enjoy so much seeing pictures of the places with hills, mountains and valleys where the leaves change in the Autumn and it looks like a beautiful quilt.

PLEASE share pictures of where you live where the leaves are changing.


It isn’t changing yet but once they do I’ll be glad to. Western New York in the fall is stunning.


You got it. Fall color is hit and miss around here but if I see anything noteworthy I’ll snap a photo for you.

It is still a bit early, though.


THANKS so much. It is my DREAM to take a scenic drive along the east side of the country to see this in person.


THANKS look forward to it.


Lots of people do that.

The locals call them leaf peepers.


Our leaves are not changing yet either, but when they do, I will post for you too, Cajun!


Thanks. I can see the sights through all of y’all since I don’t travel.


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