If you love the Latin Mass...vote


Una Voce LA has a link to a leading Italian Newspaper, which is asking the Question - Do you favor the Mass in Latin?

Please everyone - Vote “Si”!!!


I do not dislike it. I have only been to one Latin Mass… by accident, actually. Anyway, if the Latin Mass were the only one offered I know that I would never have converted to the true Church of Christ. So, for me at least, this whole post Vatican II mass change saved my soul. And I’m grateful. Eternally.

I spent my entire childhood going to the Latin Mass. If I ever had an opportunity to go to one, I might do it just for old times’ sake. However, I really can’t imagine offically going back to it. Can you imagine the huge learning curve? I would guess that most priests these days wouldn’t have a clue how to say a Latin Mass. And how many altar boys (or girls) would know how to do the responses? Is there something wrong with English?

Well, we were asked not to compare the two Rites but I voted anyway. I’ve been to one Italian Mass and I was able to understand it, by the way. And I don’t even know Italian. :slight_smile:

Poll results when I voted were 74.7% Si, 25.3% No.


(BTW, it is NOT hard to follow along or respond in a Latin Mass. I was a little child when Vatican II changed and I still have my missal with the Latin on one side and the English on the other. Simple to follow, easy to understand, and ‘unified’.)

As it is, I can go to a dozen churches in my area and I will not, will not, have the ‘same’ Mass. One ‘changes’ words here, one leaves out a phrase there, one changes posture here, another there.

Factor in the local Spanish mass, the French and Polish masses, the Vietnamese mass. . .how many of you could walk into one of them (remember, they do not have missals with the ‘English’ on the other side) and participate fully, assuming you do not ‘know’ the language?

Beautifully expressed. The beauty of the Mass before V2 was that you could attend Mass anywhere in the world and it was the same. This, IMO, gave it dignity, reverence and a little “mystique”. I love Mass, but I don’t feel the same about NO.

Well if this is counted as comparing them I am sorry, and hope not to get banned.

Really though the question is “which do you prefer” not “what is different let’s compare & contrast”.


As Catholig cited, the question isn’t which Mass is better, just would you like to see a return of the Latin. Please don’t bash/compare any rite of the Church or I will close the thread.

I totally agree–In no way do I consider either Mass a ‘competitor’ against the other.

It is simply that I would welcome the opportunity to worship at the “old” Mass.

Personally, I love both and just started going back to the Latin Mass a few weeks ago and I am glad I did. I thought I would have a problem keeping up with what was going on, but I bought a little missal and follow along fine and in fact, some of it has come back to me from when I was young.

I look at is as having the best of both worlds and go to them in alternating days.


Hi all.I voted si.Tried to vote si again but it started yelling at me in Italian.God Bless All.Joe

I would love to see a return of some Latin in the NO.

But I would dread the return of the TLM. I could never receive our Lord again, and that would hurt me terribly. (The TLM does not offer the Precious Blood, and I can not receive the Precious Body.)

At 55, I would be willing to serve and though I might have to brush up on the propers, I would have no trouble remembering the responses. Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam.

You will not likely have to worry about that. The NO is here to stay. You should at least see what you are rejecting though and even speak with a Priest, you may not be so out of luck as you think.

That’s sound advice. I have not heard any “TLM” priest not making provisions for those truly in need to receive the sacraments.

There is nothing wrong with English. There is nothing wrong with Spanish or Vietnamese or Polish either. But how else can we worship together if we can’t speak or understand a common language? Even if you don’t understand it, Latin is our universal bond and if you prefer the Latin NO, where I feel the learning curve would be a lot higher for many traditionalists, then so be it.

Ho votato sì!!! :smiley:

What happened to freedom of choice? Shouldn’t I be able* choose *what rite I want to attend? I feel oppressed.

Viva La (TLM) Revolución**

I tried this as well. This was the response given:

“Attenzione! hai già votato per questo sondaggio.”

Translation is:

“Attention! You have just voted for this poll.”

Now, you also have to imagine some serious hand gestures being employed as well. :shrug: (I can say that, sono italiano!)

So are we going to start voting on other issues in the Church now?

Voting is just like giving an opinion, except every voter is not brave enough to post here. :slight_smile:

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