If you met Jesus of Nazareth in person what would you ask him?


If you were just walking down the street then Jesus walked up to you what would you ask him? I would ask him how the Universe was created.


I would invite him to my house and say, “We have much to discuss Oh Lord”. :blush:


I’d ask him which theory of atonement (penal substitution, satisfaction, etc.) is correct.

That is, if I could get over the fact that I was in the direct presence of God. (I’ll probably be very excited when it comes time for me to receive my first Eucharist!)


Will you have nailmarks even in the next age? That would be sad…


The first thing I would ask Him is if the Trumpet blasts were coming soon, so I would know to repent really deeply before the end of the world. Then probably start to worship Him and give Him thanks for all the goodness in my life.


To forgive me.


What was Peter’s wife’s name?


“Which memes should I use to get chicks?”


I read the title as in prison. If I met Jesus in prison (I immediately think of the time Jesus spent waiting to be questioned by Pilate)- probably nothing nice. I’d probably be like anyone else at the time (assuming I had the same knowledge as them).

If I met Him in person today, I probably wouldn’t be able to say anything. I imagine an experience like that would be too much for me.


What was your life like from the age of 12 to the age of 30 and do you know where I can get the mp3’s of St. Paul’s lectures from the Hall of Tyrannus?


He will send a disciple your way with a mediafire link written on a slip of paper.


Do I get only one question?
Oh wait, does that one count? Oh no, don’t answer that one!


Have I ever pleased you? Even a little bit?


“What took you so long?”


“Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”


Exactly. Two thousand years? I mean, come on…


I wouldn’t ask questions.
I would kneel and worship him.


Assuming I get over the shock and worship in order to find my voice to speak, I’d love to hear exactly what he said to the disciples on the road to Eamuss.


Can I stay with YOU,my Lord? ( if able to speak)


Great answer!!!

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