If you met Jesus of Nazareth in person what would you ask him?


Yes :-()))


Groveling on the ground, “Well, so, what’s the verdict Lord?”


I’m gonna get criticized for this, I would ask Him:

Why did you give us free will? Wouldn’t it be easier to just force us to be in paradise with you, where your glory is so large that no human would choose to not stay there? Why did you allow the Holocaust, is free will really worth all the pain?


I would ask Him forgiveness for anything I’ve ever thought, done or said that hurt Him or hurt my neighbor. In other words CONFESSION!

That is if I could even utter any words at seeing Him. I’d probably fall on my face at His feet and bawl my eyes out.


I think Satan displayed an image of all the future evils during his temptation in the desert. I’m sure Jesus already knew but Jesus saw the good also. Like you.


I would ask him for forgiveness of my sins


Yes, Peter had a mother-in-law, whom Jesus cured of an illness, which indicates he had a wife at some point. We don’t know if she was still alive at the time Peter met Jesus.


If I could get over my shock and awe at seeing him, I’d ask Him if pets go to heaven.


Pets ohh aww


How about
"Jesus, I see you are weeping. Would you like a big towel to wipe your face?"


“Well, did you find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8)


Besides what people have already said, probably clarification on whatever historical aspect was bugging me at the time, like was James your brother? Step brother? Cousin? Something else?


I love these questions. I would ask Him if I could follow Him and serve Him. I wouldn’t ask anything else.


I’d say “How’s it going?”. Asking anything substantial implies he has not given the holy spirit already to lead us to all truths.


So many of these responses have touched my heart.

I think I would wait for Him to speak first, in anticipation of what he might say to me.


I also wish that all denomination come together as one union,but we need one truth.


Great answer


Maybe sounds controversial but why not…i mean why not having brothers and sisters i always doubted abouth that


Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinful woman.


For kts1618 eternal fire,losing my love :-(((((

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