If you met Jesus of Nazareth in person what would you ask him?


Well, if my fiance had no choice but to love me, it wouldn’t feel very special. If she only chose to be with me after experiencing the benefits of my wealth and power, it wouldn’t feel very special either. Maybe we have freewill because God likes when people choose to love Him just like we do. After all He made us in His image.

Also, suffering is only an opportunity to grow closer to God. When we are suffering, it is easiest to remember to pray. Jesus suffered for us, so why not suffer for Him? There is always some good to find out of suffering too. The Holocaust helped unite most of the world, and the victims may be in paradise now.


I want add something the greater the suffering,purer love.


I would ask, “What can I do that will bring the most to you, especially of my family?”


I would ask “Do you know me?” but only if I had the courage.


Do you really think the world is united? I think we’re doing what we’ve always done, killing, mistreating and hurting each other, and don’t even start on the risk of nuclear annihilation.
I do not see a united world at all. And also, since it’s reasonable to assume most Jews who died there didn’t accept Jesus, isn’t it possible, according to Catholic teaching, that they’re in hell or purgatory?

Not comparable in my opinion. God has the power to change us all into exactly what He wants, yet He doesn’t. That’s a fact. He could have fashioned us sinless and full of love for Him and everyone, but He didn’t. I’m not an atheist, but I’d be a liar if I said I’ve never been frustrated when I try to understand why God does what He does.


I think the world is more united then it was before, but of course sin still runs rampant throughout the earth. I also think that we are exactly what God wants, as my fiance is what I want. There is beauty in imperfection. Would you rather watch a movie where people all feast happily together in a castle from beginning to end, or a movie where the main characters suffer hardship, seek redemption, and finally achieve a happy feast in a castle at the end? Also, maybe many Jews did turn to Jesus during their suffering during the Holocaust. Anytime Israel suffered in the Old Testament for defying God, they eventually atoned and flourished until they began to defy God again. There were also Catholics persecuted in the Holocaust. Only God knows where people end up after they die.


True, but it still remains that you cannot close the door on the fact that they may be in hell. That troubles me, I cannot lie to to you.

Is it? I’m not too sure, at the end of the day countries cooperate for their own interests. Look at Europe, one economic crisis erupts and a wave of ultra-nationalist anti-EU movements rise up. As soon as things get a little messed up we jump off the boat with a lifejacket around our necks.

Unless God wants sinners to keep sinning, i doubt we’re what he wants. And yes, there’s beauty, but also immense pain, in imperfection. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth it to have us remain imperfect.

I’m a human. I’m a sinner, so naturally I like a movie of the second kind. But what about what God wants? If He wanted suffering, why even create the garden of Eden?


Could you tell me how to get rid of my acne and out of the friend zone?


I think the Holy Spirit is present. The problem seems to be in our discernment. Many believe they are led by the Holy Spirit yet come to different conclusions of what He is saying.


I would ask, “How’s it going?”


Thank God for his Church :slight_smile:


I would ask Him what I could do that would give him the greater glory.


If my heart didn’t jump out of my chest, I’d ask for the strength to be who he wants me to be.


Knowing this was really Jesus, I would say, ‘Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins.’ then I would ask Him to hold me close to His Merciful and loving Heart as sure as my eyes were filled with tears, as they are now. God Bless you.:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


Can there be any other answer to the OP question? Its the first thing that came to my mind. And the OP question should not be considered as just hypothetically. We meet Jesus every time we are at mass. And we will meet him when we die.
Lots of time to find out all the secrets of the universe once we are in heaven, our priority should be to get there.


I hope you lot realize that the vast majority of what you are suggesting here can be said here and now, in the Presence of the Lord in the Tabernacle. Because he is there; the only difference is that our senses do not perceive him as he is, but you can talk to him.

These questions pop up quite a bit on the forums: if Jesus appeared here or there what would you say? Well, what would you say to him now? Because, he is here. Whatever you can say to him on the street, you can say to him in the Blessed Sacrament.


I had this happen to me three months ago, Jesus came up to me on the street. I didn’t ask him anything but I gave him some change.


I would as Jesus if the Gospel of St. Thomas was a true story.


To forgive me my many sins.


I would ask about Lucifer? If Lucifer had not “come the ugly” there would have been no sin…I have read some who believe that Lucifer was made to fail. This developed good and evil.

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