If you met Jesus of Nazareth in person what would you ask him?


God bless you on your journey.


I’m in it for the very long run, probably. I might end up becoming an atheist again, who knows :slightly_frowning_face:


Seems like you have a lot of pain. Sort of like my DH whose mother and dad both left him at his grandparents’. How can he believe in a loving God when he never had a loving mother OR loving father??? I will say prayers for you and him. If you are in pain, try, try to look at the good things in your life. And don’t say there aren’t any. God is good and if you can find some thing in your life that is good–(the air you breath, the constant daylight following night time, the birds chirping in the warmth of the sun) then you have found a whisper of God. Concentrate on that for a while and try to find more. Write some down, maybe every day… I did and I filled up two notebooks in about two years… it’s a journey for sure. Like I said, if you don’t mind, I’ll say some prayers for you…


I’ve believed in him for 5 years or more.
I’m gonna need more than whispers from a guy who says he’s awesome and good and yet sends people to burn for all eternity. I fail to see why I need to give my life to someone or something or whatever he is when he doesn’t even care to explain himself and for some unknown and probably sadistic and disturbing reason chose to create this lousy world than something infinitely better which is what he should have done.

Yeah we’re told he carries a cross for our sins. I fail to see why engaging in extreme masochism “for my sins” compensates for creating this world of sin and sinners in the first place


@Curious11, really try to find some good. You are still concentrating on the bad and sure there is plenty of bad in this world. Adam and Eve chose the tree of Knowledge of good AND EVIL. They were living with good already. but they were curious about EVIL. so, you want to know evil??? This world is NOT ALL THERE IS! Because you are living, YOU have been given a marvelous chance at ETERNAL LIFE. It’s your choice, as it is for each one of us. God doesn’t SEND you to hell to burn. YOU choose to concentrate on the EVIL. Let it go. Look for good.

You say you need more than whispers? Maybe knocked down and blinded before you can see the light? like St. Paul? Maybe make St. Paul your special saint for this year. Ask him to help you see the good in God.


I wish it was. That way I wouldn’t have worry about my sweet loving father sending people to hell for all eternity.

I am not concentrating on the bad. I am saying the “good” is not good enough for a being that claims to be all-good and all-powerful.

Adam and Eve proved that curiosity killed the cat, but the simple brutal fact is that God put that F tree there to tempt them in a most cruel way, and to this day, this very day of 2018, is still making us pay for eating a fruit we didn’t even eat, our ancestors did.

So no, Petra22, I’m sorry but not good enough!


It sounds like you are saying, “If I were God, I would have done it a different way.” In essence you are saying God is so stupid He should have done it your way… This is a common error of youth. (And the hurting.) I say that because I have been in your shoes. Praying for you to know God’s way.


You know that song, How Great Thou Art?
First verse…
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made;
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed.
Source: click here

If you consider the first two lines, you are considering all the worlds God has made, the stars; the thunder. And many things that we don’t even know about yet…

In the third line, there are two more awesome wonders. Two that are very personal to you and me… Seeing the stars. Seeing. Hearing the rolling thunder. Hearing… How awesome are those gifts?

See how easy it is to look for good? It keeps unfolding like a delicate flower. Would you want to PM me? I’d be glad to talk to you if you want. I hope I’m not coming off as a know it all. I know I’m not that. I just choose to see the good.
Ever hear that saying, Heaven–Don’t miss it for the WORLD?


Because I don’t know what I don’t know. I would ask, if you were me what would you ask?


Tradition says that someone did this on His way to be crucified. If you did so for Him, you’d probably leave with a relic.


Oh. You’re right. Didn’t even think about that. Awesome.


This image actually came to mind this morning after I received holy communion, imagining Jesus holding my hand as I told I loved Him and how I needed His help .Imaginging meeting Him face to face and how I would react makes it all the more clear in mass.


If I met him I would ask him only one thing.

Did my father make into his kingdom?


He’s either not all-powerful or He’s not all-good. That’s what I’m saying, or He doesn’t exist


Those gifts would be just as awesome if God didn’t create lust to tempt me through them. But He did


He’s either not all-powerful or He’s not all-good. That’s what I’m saying, or He doesn’t exist.

I’ve been reading your comments and am sorry for your anguish. Many people are turned from God for the reason of the existence of Hell, and I understand you are very frustrated.

I’d like to say that I think you are over-confident in our abilities to live an everlasting life of happiness if we had never experienced sadness. I think we would never be able to appreciate good if we had not experienced bad, and that is at least one aspect God recognized when He planned for our lives. God is good, He made a good creation. Jesus could have come to Earth when He did as an adult descending from Heaven and Lorded over all the Earth’s inhabitants, making them into slaves as many human Lords would have done. But in contrast He came as a humble servant.

People have problems with lust as with many other temptations. Assuming you are not writing from jail, you can at least contain your urges so that you do not attack every person you are attracted to. Nature is fallen, and God knows that. He knows our pains and wants us to bring them to Him. He wants us to know we can’t be good on our own: we need God’s help and forgiveness. I don’t know all the answers–divorce is a big problem that many are grappling with including Church leadership. Paraphrasing Christ Himself, He said that though one man and one woman are supposed to stay married all their lives, people have hard hearts.

Please hang in there. I will also pray for you.


Not your responsibility to do so! God should cure me of my doubts!!!


How can I serve you my Lord?


God’s help and forgiveness… for what exactly?! For the fact that some guy named Adam ate a fruit?!


Unless God gives me something to hold on to, not gonna happen. And it better be good and logical and SIMPLE for once in His lifetime.

He’s got some good explaining to do, He better get started on something other than the threat of eternal hell for his “beloved” children

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