If you met Jesus of Nazareth in person what would you ask him?


Move away from that either/or Protestant mindset and try to learn a Catholic both/and mindset.

Both the medicinal or remedial (Eastern), satisfaction, and penal substitution as well as the recapitulation and ransom theories are true. They all simply focus on different assets of the Cross - the Redemption of All was a near infinite act, so there are of course many ways to look upon it.


Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!


That’s what I will be praying for. And I mean this kindly–you can’t control everything. God allows us to pray whether the prayed for wants it or not. I’m off to mass now.


Enjoy mass.


You say you want something good and logical and simple… but your eyes are not enough, your hands and arms are not enough, the world around you is not enough. You want more. Why would God owe you more when you refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of you? He does give you more but you refuse to see. I know it’s hard when you are hurting for whatever reason. If you are feeling guilty of something, if you can find your way to be sorry for it, God will forgive you 777 times and more.


This world of stress, insecurity, unsatisfaction, disease, genocides, war, poverty, evil, bad luck? Yeah, it’s not enough, except for proving God doesn’t care, He’s weak or He doesn’t exist.

Oh I’m acknowledging exactly what’s in front of my eyes, it’s the reason I’m demanding God explain what the hell is going on


I would ask Jesus the same question my 6-year-old pupil Alexander asked me when we talked about Easter at school. “How did you rise from the dead? What did you do? I want to know.”

I wouldn’t tell him that we’ve been wondering for almost 2000 years.


Considering Jesus’ discussion with Peter (John 21:15-17) with the Greek variation of the meaning of “LOVE”; I would ask my Lord Jesus, “How can I love unconditionally like you?”


I would simply ask Him to forgive me in person.


Even we do that though in a more polite fashion.


I would bow down to him and ask him to please forgive all my sins and make me more like him


We deprive ourselves of perfection, not the other way around. Of the things that matter most in your life, aren’t they all complicated? Parenthood, marriage? The most difficult things are often the most rewarding.


Does might make right?


Will you please settle the John 6 “Bread of Life” discourse once and for all.


Firstly I’ll be courteous and say
Shalom Rabbi Yeshua


I used to think a lot like you. I guess the thing is; people really do send themselves to Hell. All that Hell is is a rejection of God’s love and the Catechism states that the greatest suffering of those in Hell is “simply” being away from God. If you don’t want to stay with God you don’t have to and the alternate choice feels empty and terrible because our natures were literally made for God but he doesn’t force us to accept that destiny.

I think that if you’re philosophically inclined you could try Summa Contra Gentiles. You may try book 3.11 and book 1.37.

I also feel the need to point out that the nice family man atheist you’ve described earlier isn’t necessarily doomed to Hell. He could very well end up in Heaven, and the odds of that are not small.

Basically, wherever there is good there must be the possibility of evil.

If somebody forced you to hold their hand and forced you to kiss them and forced you to make love to them and drugged you with some weird thing that made you “love” him and you felt bliss… wouldn’t that man be immoral?

Why didn’t God make our nature inclined to Him?

He did. He made our natures inclined to good but he gives us choice, we can choose to love Him or choose to not do so. Quite frankly put if he would’ve made us incapable of not loving then that would’ve been a paradox. Love must be a choice; else it isn’t a love.

Let’s take an example. A mother is inclined to love her baby and very so inclined but if there is no possibility for her, if she chooses to, to abandon that child (as terrible as that may be) then she’s merely a robot at that stage, not a human. That’s what makes us human, our free will. Otherwise, we’d be a lot like AI and yeah I guess God could’ve created that but that would be creepy.

I used to think a lot like you, and I do mean I lot I see myself mirrored in you. Give it time and more time and more time and more faith. Even if you give up on God he won’t give up on you whether you see it right now or not.

PS I find nice proof of God and Christianity specifically in the story of the historical Jesus of Nazareth and the history of the very very early church. It’s super helpful because… either these men were all mad or they’d really seen Jesus ressurected are basically the only two optionsl


I would ask his opinion about how things have worked out and what he would want us to know here in the 21st century.



Have mercy on me. Have mercy on me. Have mercy on me. Have mercy on all of us. Then I’d say please take me with you. Then I’d probably say something silly about getting a good dog sitter.

By the way, if you look, Jesus frequently does walk up to us while we are walking down the street. Do you routinely see him in the faces of our brothers and sisters?


Can you quote the verse where Paul reportedly said that Peter was married? the mother-in-law does not always mean the mother of our wife …


That’s rignt but the mistake is in the teaching we receive today. Today one teach that God created us for our happiness, and this is false. God created us for his glory first! and hypotheticaly for our happiness after.
For his glory, it is necessary that he refuse the Heaven to some sinners in order to glorify his justice, and it is necessary that he grant Heaven to others sinners after given to them the effective grace of holiness, to glorify his mercy.

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