If You Really Knew Me: The First MTV show that I might follow


In high school, there are the students who rule the school – like jocks, cheerleaders, and the popular kids – and the ones who get picked on – like nerds, emos, and outcasts. That’s just high school, right? But what if you could change that?

Like a reality version of The Breakfast Club, each episode of If You Really Knew Me takes place at a different high school, and follows five students from different cliques as they go through the life-changing experience of Challenge Day, a one-day program that breaks down the walls between cliques, and completely changes the way students view their school and each other. Watch the amazing transformation each week as new students open up for the first time and try to change by revealing who they really are, behind the cliques and the labels. Is it possible to change your life, and maybe even your high school, in one day? These students are going to find out… on If You Really Knew Me.


This reminds me of a retreat that I went on in high school. This isn’t entirely the same, but that weekend was literally life changing for me.

It sounds like the people who facilitate these events are really trying to make a difference.

If they really wanted to make a difference, they would abolish the public school systems that create these problems in the first place and return control of education to the parents. If a neighborhood wants to school their children, let them do it at home or let them band together and create a neighborhood school.

Lovely thought, but not practical for a working single mom such as myself.


Hmm…well, speaking as someone who has developed an affinity for that “Warren The Ape” show, I gotta say that as far as MTV shows go, “Teen Mom” seems to be accomplishing what Bristol Palin (as of yet) has failed to do - make a compelling case for abstinence. Just the commercials alone…yikes… :eek:

Very “bump”-worthy. It has already made a difference in my life and have recommended other people check it out. The only Catholic ‘objection,’ before someone mentions it, is the approving treatment of one kid being gay. Other than that, it’s definitely worth watching, and I’m glad MTV is posting entire episodes on their web site. I know most people will be skeptical something so inspiring could originate from MTV, but trust me on this: it really is that good. :thumbsup:

(still in tears from the first episode) :crying:

Sounds the same as the premise of a documentary narrated by Leeza Gibbons I saw almost ten years ago. youtube.com/watch?v=ViiZZ5KskP4

Yes, that’s it - that’s the one - that’s the same organization & program being used on the MTV show. I didn’t know they were around that long. Thanks for the YouTube link.

I wouldn’t be so quick to blame it on the public school systems. I was in the Catholic school system all the way from kindergarten to grade 12 and attended several different schools because of constant bullying and harassment from my fellow peers. Even in grade 1 I was being picked on by grade 8 students. Catholic schools aren’t all perfect and free from cliques and other social problems.

I would go so far as to say that bullying is worse at Catholic school because they’re mostly all closed campus. The majority of public schools are “open campus” at lunch so you can get away from the bullies for at least a little while. It obviously doesn’t solve the problem, but it makes a huge difference for the student being bullied.

Mine was open, but you can’t really leave the school during lunch when you’re young.

One of the schools I attended was just across the field from a public school. The two schools had to stagger their recesses and lunch break because of fights and students pulling knives on each other. I wasn’t even living in the inner city. It was your typical upper middle class suburbia. :eek:

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