If you really knew me

It's a show on MTV and, even though I generally dislike MTV, I have to say the idea of it is genious! I wish it would have been around when I was in high school.

If you've never heard of it, here's a link to a good episode of If you really knew me, and at the bottom of the screen you have the option to see interviews and view other episodes.

I would love to do something like this around where I live, I really think everyone (not just teenagers) would learn a lot from it.

I have seen that show, and you are right, it is a very thought provoking show. It really makes you think about how many people you pass each day in school or at work and you really don’t know what kind of pain they may be living with, or what kind of hardships they silently face each day.

On the other hand, sometimes people hold things inside for fear they will be ridiculed when actually if they just told their friends they would find that they may be a good support for them.

I hope that all of the people that were touched by the process will continue to reach out to others and that it was truly a life changing experience for them.

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