If you saw your Guardian Angel


You know the “push pull or drag” trade in s car dealers have sometimes,as in if you can push pull or drag it in the will give you so much money for your old car?That is how my gaurdian angel gets me through. Sometimes with a liittle nudge and sometimes kicking and screaming. Bu I know my angel is always there encouraging and sometimes demanding that I allow God"s abundant grace to work in my life. I do not mean that the angel forces me or takes me past free will but that when times are hardest and I want to give up a prayer to my angel for assistance always helps immensely.


On what do you base this belief?


BlockquoteThe question is whether each person—or each believer—has an angel assigned to him/her. In the Old Testament, the nation of Israel had the archangel (Michael) assigned to it (Daniel 10:21; 12:1), but Scripture nowhere states that an angel is “assigned” to an individual (angels were sometimes sent to individuals, but there is no mention of permanent assignment). The Jews fully developed the belief in guardian angels during the time between the Old and New Testament periods. Some early church fathers believed that each person had not only a good angel assigned to him/her, but a demon as well. The belief in guardian angels has been around for a long time, but there is no explicit scriptural basis for it.


Well, yes. I’m a cradle Catholic.
At the same time, Jesus’ referenced the concept of guardian angels when He said, in regards to the children, that “their angels” see God continually.
(I’m not sure chapter and verse on that one.)
God bless!


If you want to hear a really cool talk about how and why we have guardian angels, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HROH926Ln-A&t=1361s


I don’t reccomend trying to say a sola scriptura protestant website is authoritative on a Catholic forum.


Catholics believe that we each have a guardian angel, and some saints have even reported seeing theirs. There is nothing “mocking” about it. As little children, many of us are taught a traditional prayer to our Guardian Angel.

I have a medal of a Guardian Angel (with St. Michael the Archangel on the other side) right on my rosary to remind me to practice devotion to my Guardian Angel.


This is not a Catholic website so in the view of the Church and ourselves, it is also wrong.
And why would we believe or even care about some random gunk off the Web? You can find just about any viewpoint you want on there.


If I could interact with my Guardian Angel: I think mine would be pissed off a lot with me and I honestly would want my Angel to gently guide and help me. I’ve already had plenty of people in my life get mad at me. Lol


If I could physically see him then I’d probably sin a lot less. It’s harder to forget you’re being watched when you can see the person watching you, and if I’m unsure of something I can talk to him about it instead of being oblivious to my mistakes or thinking a rule arbitrary.


If I saw my Gaurdian Angel, I would apologize and thank him. I would also ask him if he ever gets vacation time.


Good point. I definitely would like to thank my Angel for putting up with me. Maybe sit down for coffee after I get to heaven.


If I saw my Guardian Angel, I would have to apologize for basically forgetting about him from about age 10 to age 50 and committing all kinds of sins. I now try to say the Guardian Angel prayer every day to make up for it.
I would have to thank my Angel for his patience over so many years.


Jose Maria Escriva has a story about his guardian angel…

One day there was an assassination attempt on the life of St Josemaria Escriva the founder of “The Work of God.” As Josemaria was climbing some steps through a busy crowd a man came towards him with knife intent on killing him. Suddenly it seemed, out of nowhere, another large man passed in front of him and disarmed the man with the knife. Josemaria did not recognise either of the men but as the assailant was led away, the other tall man came over to Josemaria and whispered in his ear “you mangey donkey” Josemaria immediately knew then who this man was: it was his Guardian Angel. You see each day in his prayers to God, Josemaria would ask God to look after his “mangey donkey” referring to himself. He had done this all his adult life but had never told a living soul.



If I saw my guardian angel, I would dread my next appointment with my psychiatrist.


Very stern, and saved my life more than once. BTW they’re very tall.



Thank you for that story. :slight_smile:


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