If you want to laugh


How sad and deluded these heretical women are. The Church can no more ordain a woman to the ministerial priesthood than a priest can consecrate a dill pickle into the Eucharist. Just can’t happen. The Church doesn’t have the authority to correct Jesus Christ, like Protestants think they can.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Now THAT’S funny! What these women are doing–not so funny, though. Do they intend to storm Heaven, shake their fists at God the Father and demand their own way? Now that I think about it, I suppose in a sense that is what the enemy of souls did–he wasn’t happy with God’s order so he decided to create his own. May God have mercy on us all!

From the article:

“For far too long, only ordained, male, celibate clergy have dictated -or tried to dictate- how Catholics worship, pray and make decisions,” concluded Hanna.

You’d think they’d never looked at a list of diocesan chancery staff. :stuck_out_tongue: We had a female Director of Worship at one time. There are many women filling many important roles in the Church.

Linda, good point. For that matter, I’m a male human being. I can’t give birth to babies. Should I picket heaven, claiming God to be an unfair bigot? I think not! :slight_smile:

I think women should be ordained to the priesthood. Forget that it’s not their function. I often cry to the Heavens, angry that G-d is so sexist because he won’t let me bear children. Forget that it’s impossible because I’m a man.

Some people are so ridiculous.

Who’s behind the running of the parishes? Women, of course. Our parish secretary is there to get to the messages out to the priests so that they can come and minister to us when they get back from all the roles they have to play and all the duties they have to perform. If a priest is not available they (at least ours) try to comfort and guide until a priest can talk to us.

We have female Extraordinary Ministers of the Blessed Sacrament, door keepers, acolytes and lectors. These were all minor orders of the priesthood. Marriage is hard enough but could you all imagine the Vatican with male and felmale priests?
I think you can gather that I am not a feminist. :wink:

Just stating this because if I didn’t somebody else would, the proper title is Exrtaordinary Minister of Holy Communion. :slight_smile:

Also, I found out that one of these “womenpriests” actually lives in my diocese. I think I want to have a sit down with her and go over a few things. What do you all think?


Here in UK they are known as Extraordinary Ministers of the Blessed Sacrament.

2nd point: Go for it but take some body armour! :wink:

Good idea…but wear a cup if you’re a man.

I don’t think it’s anything to laugh about. These women have excommunicatd themselves and put themselves in jeopardy of hell.

If you didn’t laugh you’d cry. These women have been around for decades. They’ll be outside our cathedral on Friday after the Mass to end the year for priests. No one takes them seriously here because they makes themselves look so silly.

i agree with you! its unfair! my infant son likes mom better, because of their bond of 9 months in the womb, and now he’s being breastfed. i should be able to do that! i want my children to like me that way!


by the way, who ordains these women? was there a sympathizer among the priesthood?

I dont think its funny at all, its truly sad that so many of Our Lords Children are being led astray by these things, again I blame the Liberal american mindset, the feminism, the whole ‘‘freedom freedom freedom’’ that america keeps shouting, but as we all know there is a freedom that leads to Love and there is a Freedom that leads to Death.

Women cannot be Priests because they cannot become fathers, ‘‘I fathered you in Christ Jesus’’ Are the inspired words of St.Paul.

We bitterly joke about liberal nuns with “chalice envy” and Call to Action parishioners who prefer heresy to orthodoxy, but the sad state of affairs, at least here in the very liberal and libertarian Pacific Northwest, is that for a large number of people inside and outside the Church, religious truth is strictly relative. With some people, truth as a concept is unknown, a semi-fictitious product of “the victors’” point of view. They accept without question such items as arithmetic equations, which cannot be debated and are inherent examples of truth, but in the realm of religion their views devolve into perceptions. One can say to such people, “The Church teaches that X is true” and the usual responses are either “I don’t see things that way” or “That’s your opinion.” The mindset of the average “cafeteria Catholic” is that nobody can really know the whole truth of things, not even the Church. Church teachings are reduced to a set of political and philosophical opinions which, as in politics or philosophy, are always open to debate and subject to every societal whim. Using apologetic tactics toward the liberal generally doesn’t work because any appeal to authority, tradition, Scripture, and so forth will simply be discounted as simply one’s opinion on the matter. If the liberal “feels” that these women are ordained and legitimate priests (or that a dill pickle has been validly consecrated), regardless of the ontological impossibility, that is sufficient for them. A very sad state indeed, because it precludes trust in God’s divine providence. If the gates of Hell did indeed prevail against the Church, than Jesus lied and anything is fair game.

Being a Christian, let alone a Catholic, means accepting the dogma laid out in the Holy Scriptures and Holy Traditions of the Church for what they are and not picking and choosing which is offensive and which is not.

Precisely. I live up near Seattle, and the whole attitude in this entire hellpit is “That’s your opinion.” There’s no such thing as truth, like you said - it’s so sad. While it’s great to objectively view certain things, there are some truths which “we hold to be self-evident.” If people can believe human rights to be truths, then why can’t they permit Catholic Dogma to be truth?

But of course, when all else fails, they begin to let their true colors show by pulling the “Catholic priests rape little boys and killed people during the inquisition.” And yet, somehow, those poor saintly Jews and Muslims over there in the Middle-East, whose religions teach falsehoods that don’t even come CLOSE to the love and peace that Christianity teaches are worthy of Saintly praise.

Pah! They’d be more willing to step up and advocate for the advancement of Islam or Israel before they even considered the advancement of a religion of peace.

You are right, it is no laughing matter really. You know, since I have been coming to these forums I have learned so much, or have been made aware of just how orthodox the Catholic Church here in England and Wales is. I can’t speak for Scotland and Northern Ireland. I don’t think that I have ever come across a cafeteria Catholic who is practising. Lapsed Catholics on the other hand, my brother included, would like to make the Church in their own image and then they might start going to Mass again.

The whole world looks to America and it hurts me to see that the Catholic Church there is so fragmented. You really need a new Archbishop Sheen. Can you imagine what he would have made of all this liberalism?

To those that don’t think it’s funny:

It IS funny. It wouldn’t be funny if they didn’t know better or something to that affect, but they do and choose it anyway.

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