If you went to confession before your first scheduled before being confirmed, is it still considered valid?


Well, what is the rule on this? Thanks in advance!! God bless.


baptized Catholics received Holy Communion.they have already had first confession you can’t be confirmed unless you’ve been baptized and received Holy Communion. i see your not a baptized Catholic have you attended rcia? you must do this before you can even be baptized.

as far as i know, the rules are this. a convert from a different belief or no belief must attend rcia before anything can happen. not just that, some baptisms in the church are considered valid. you need to find a priest and speak with him about this.

the answer to your original question based on what i read in your profile if your referring to yourself in the original post, is no based on what i know. you should not go to confession if your not a Catholic.


My wife and I were confirmed last year. We had to have had our first Confession before being confirmed at Easter vigil (we both had already had valid baptisms).

The Confession was not only valid, but a great relief.


I was told by my RCIA leader that I needed to make an appointment for my first confession before my confirmation. Everyone I know who entered the Church at Easter Vigil this year did the same.


Only a baptised person not excommunicated can receive absolution in confession. Additionally the RCIA program makes rules which are designed to ensure the spiritual welfare of the majority of members. However they are only disciplinary rules on the level of school rules about overcoats and chewing gum, and there might be circumstances in which it is appropriate to break them. Even if it was wrong to bypass RCIA, it wouldn’t invalidate the confession.


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