If you were a loving God; how would you have created this world?

There are people who cannot conceive of the idea that a loving God created this world. Do you agree or disagree and why or why not? If you were a loving God; how would you have created this world? What would you eliminate or add?

Just the way our loving God created it - He is perfect…I am not.

Can’t improve on perfection…:slight_smile:

I can conceive of the idea that a loving God created this world; maybe others cannot. When I see leaves on trees dancing with the wind, I believe only God can do this. If I were a loving God I would keep everything the same except everybody would go to Heaven.

God gave us a perfect world. Any imperfections have been the result of our fallen nature. If I could change anything, it would be Eve’s decision to eat that apple.

I would create it just as it is.
Being a Loving God, and knowing all of the things that my creation cannot understand, I would expect that some of them would not understand me or my reasons - To help with that I would supply the ability to trust…to have faith…and to contact my through prayer.

In other words…It would all be just as it is.

The reason people ask such questions is because there world view is restricted to this earth. God’s view is eternal. People do not understand why suffering is allowed in this temporal place and for our eternal good because they simply cannot see beyond the grave.
Yet these same people would submit their own children to great suffering if it meant great blessings for the child. For instance, a child is born with a serious skeletal defect that will require multiple surgeries, braces, therapy etc to correct. They would not think twice about it. Should we consider that God is any less loving than those parents?


Even those who choose Hell?!

Wouldn’t you be then limiting her free will and independence? You wouldn’t want to create robots, right?

I would make some bright green clouds and vibrant blue flowers. Those are the only things I would add.

To have faith and love God is to accept the universe He has created - but not the evils caused by human beings or misfortunes caused by the interplay of natural laws.

God created this world and to recommend changes to His creation is unnecessary in my opinion. Look to nature especially in areas undisturbed by humans and it seems to be in perfect balance and beauty. Man seems to have issues with the world and wants things to be “different” from the beginning all thanks to the deception of Satan. As long as this deception of humans continues you will see the effects of evil on a perfect world created by God.

If I were the loving God I would know I have created one of the best possible worlds!

I would have created beings equal to myself and lived in brother/sisterhood with them. With or without a universe…

Anything else seems unnecessary or mean.


The notion that there can be “First Causes” is either a logical contradiction or it infringes the principle of parsimony…

You’re right, of course. I couldn’t change Eve’s decision. I can just dream of the perfect world it could have been if she had been a little less selfish.

I’m god, I can infringe logic and it doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the objection… Me and my god friends wouldn’t create humanity/the universe/the earth - so we wouldn’t really be First Causes, except of each other. We would be like parents, rather than First Causes. If we all had the same nature, we’d all agree on things, so there would be no evil or angels who dislike us, and no-one would get out of control with what they created.

  1. The best possible worlds is a morally free world.
    Atheists do not agree that free thought should be stifled, even when that free thought leads to hell on earth such as was established by the atheistic communists.

So, it appears they value freedom over all else. On this they agree with God.

  1. This freedom leads to suffering (sin) but through suffering can come great love and wisdom such as evidence through the life of millions of people thorughout history.
    Even those whose suffering seems insurmountable (Victor Frankl)

  2. God has not left the humans alone. He has given them a lifeline through the Christ who helps them thorugh their sufferings. Sufferings joined to His bring power and change to the individual. God has begun the world so that we will live with Him forever.
    Those who take the lifeline and are perfected in love will enter into an even better relationship than a brotherhood/sisterhood relationship with God. They will enter into His Divinity.
    That is the promise.
    When this world is looked at through the eyes of time, things look bleak. But when looked at through the eyes of eternity, things change.

Maybe there are other universes and maybe we will get to explore them. And maybe having entered into Divinity we will be able to participate in God’s creative ability. And maybe there will be things that we can’t even imagine…Maybe there are other creatures out there who we will get to know. Wouldn’t that be something?

Why would anybody choose Hell? If they really wanted to be there, I guess it would be their right, but if they didn’t like it I would let them come to Heaven anytime they wanted.

Just so. And no different.

Definitely get rid of natural disasters. No birth defects. In fact kids would be invulnerable up to the age of 15 or so. Don’t see a need for this whole death thing so that goes for sure. Built in wifi for all people. And plenty of robots.

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