If You Were God

O.K., so you are now God and infinitely smarter than the Judeo-Christian God.

Tell how you would have done a better job as Creator of the universe.

…Well for starters, I would make sure that the US had a flat tax and constitutionally protected term limits for all members of Congress. Then I would make sure that George Steinbrenner would have been born in a country with no real athletic program…:wink:

Too easy. Look at the existing state of affairs, and do the exact opposite. :slight_smile: Details will be provided upon request… as long as the request is specific.

What would be a good speed for light?
How would you change the properties of gravity?

I would make gravity much weaker and thereby cure many people of obesity.

What would the rate be for your flat tax? Would you allow for any loopholes or writeoffs? Who would have to pay and who would be exempt from paying?

Plus, we’d look younger :slight_smile:

I’d do something about people suffering. Like, end it.



If I was God, I would likely see if there was some loophole where I could will myself out of existence since I don’t think I’d do the whole supreme being very well.

At best, I would be interfering with mankind’s free will way to much. I’d be well-meaning, but I think after I started turning random people into statues, folks would start worshiping me less out of love and more out of fear.

At worst, I’d spend more time creating new universes I’d start neglecting old ones. I’d basically be gathering my friends and playing Dungeons & Dragons with real dragons. It would be terribly, terribly irresponsible to make me God.

Live with my creatures and enjoy watching them doing whatever they please. Seriously what is the nonsense concept so called sin!?

I’d avoid this kind of nonsense:


I would have created an 8. Day week, weekends need to be longer so I can rest more ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would ban beige and give adults the power to open childproof jars.

I would have to decide what my purpose was. Let us see what that might possibly be for a moment. If I were to believe that a god must be the impetus to life’s forward evolutionary motion then I would follow a trajectory similar in fashion to Yahweh.

I suppose rather than reinventing an entirely new mythos, the main possible items I could imagine doing differently are as follows:

*]Decide whether I am a god of love, justice, power, or some convincing amalgam of all 3 and behave accordingly.
*]Include the entire world as my people by distributing a familiar history among all nations and watch and care for all nations equally.
*]This history would be the only evidence of my existence (there would be no later miracles), but the crafting of these books would be of such intricacy and power than any who should read them would be absolutely amazed by the consistent, ethical, moral, and scientific teachings that would be held within. Said teachings would progress in complexity so as to be accessible to every civilization regardless of sophistication. The pure elegance of these books would place them entirely beyond the scope of human craftsmanship. These books would be written upon a substance that would defy scientific explanation for its durability–and given that the books would be considered holy it would not be possible to study them. The originals would be impervious to destruction or decay, but not otherwise be of obvious otherworldly craftsmanship. Caches of these ever-progressive instruction manuals would be spread about the globe in predetermined locales so as to be discovered at each major stage of society’s history…to be found when humanity might need them the most.
*] I would not unleash upon the world horrific, disfiguring diseases that might afflict children. I would not condemn children to blindness because they might grow up impoverished. Otherwise diseases could take their course.
*] I would not allow any diseases or afflictions to be passed down from parents to children, including the impossibility of the choices of the mother affecting the newborn for such things as drug or alcoholic dependencies. This would mean there would be no fetal alcohol syndrome or effects, no cocaine addicted fetuses, and no child born with STDs or other infectious diseases.
*] I would not allow for the creation of psychopaths as every individual would have to be responsible for his or her judgements.
*] I would not have anyone born with personality disorders that might be in direct contravention to my commands.
*] Those born with mental health problems could potentially be cured with sufficient prayer and sacrifices of those who might choose to do so for the individual’s benefit.
*] I would not suggest a simplistic afterlife, but would provide a many-branches approach in which the death of an individual would bring them to a realm from which they might progress in any direction imaginable. Being infinite, I would have no limit upon such choices. These choices would not necessarily cater to the wishes of the individual inasmuch as they might simply be set to prove instructive to a final aim. If my desire were to live in unity with mankind in an eternal now I would recognize that this must mean all souls had never actually ever left my side: that all souls were ever a part of my own essence. Therefor those individuals on the instructive pathways might, for example, be forced to learn through immersive experience the first-hand effects of each and every transgression they may have committed so as to be refined through a purposeful and dignified suffering so as to emerge as complete human beings of appropriate depth and awareness the closer they might approach to the Now.

I reserve the right to edit this list should additional possibilities occur to me…after all, am I not now a god…?

As you were aware in framing your post, the premise is nonsensical; responses to your instruction demonstrate areas of misunderstanding and disconnect with what is.

This existence is awesome! For all this wonder, the joys, as well as the suffering that might lead me to feel otherwise, thank you Lord. Thank you for my life and all those who have passed through it.

I know that this is supposed to be a “fun, lighthearted” thread, but to me is just seems disrespectful to God, because He created the universe in the perfect way to eventually bring everything back to Himself in an eternal noon with Him in Heaven.

May God bless you all abundantly and forever! :slight_smile:

Actually, this was intended as a serious thread.

The challenge is to those to those who think they know better than God how to create and run a universe. There are several poster in these forums who chronically complain that the Christian God is a misbegotten God who needs to be abandoned because of his failure to produce an infinitely happy and pain free race of creatures.

Already that theme has been sounded in this thread.

So what is the Catholic answer? :shrug:


I think it’s thin ice, spiritually, to even entertain these lines of conjecture.


I think the OP has a valid point. Often it is enlightening to understand exactly where the true level of disagreement between a non-believer and God might actually exist once he/she suddenly has to make all of the rules.

It follows along the lines of asking a child how he/she would parent if they think their current parents are not fair. It brings to light a lot of possibilities because for every reduction in the ‘rules’ or every softening of the ‘hardships’ there is often a counter reduction in the availability of positive outcomes or the depth of human character that can be achieved.

Except that “character” has no meaning to a child beyond a colorful being in a cartoon, so such lines of inquiry are similarly useless.


I am not quite certain I understand. The analogy may perhaps be at fault, but how is it not instructive to assist a child to understand the complexities behind the regulations from time to time?

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