If you were making "Election 2012," the movie

…what actors would you choose for Obama and Romney?

(All right, let’s make it even more fun. What about for Michelle O. and Ann R., too?)

Robin Williams and Samuel L. Jackson ( as Romney).

Oprah with Obama & Michelle as puppets on her lap.

John Travolta pretending to be Mormon, but pitching Scientology ideals.

It would definitely be a combination of a comedy and a tragedy.

Actors? I’d use sock puppets.

It would be an action movie with big effects involving me kicking in doors and shooting everyone.

I hate elections.

We should have a monarchy or something.

I wouldn’t need actors; I’d use empty suits.

It depends on whether it was a serious movie or a comedy.

If it was a serious movie:
*]President Barack Obama: Denzel Washington
*]First Lady Michelle Obama: Halle Barry
*]Vice-President Joe Biden: Michael Caine
*]Former Governor Mitt Romney: Jim Caviezel
*]Ann Romney: Meryl Streep
*]Representative Paul Ryan: Christian Bale
If it was a comedy:
*]President Barack Obama: Eddie Murphy
*]First Lady Michelle Obama: Queen Latifah
*]Vice-President Joe Biden: Leslie Nielsen (RIP)
*]Former Governor Mitt Romney: Charlie Sheen
*]Ann Romney: Cameron Diaz
*]Representative Paul Ryan: Ashton Kutcher




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