If you were not Catholic, what religion would you choose to be?

A discussion in another thread made me think of this question.

I know, speaking for myself, if I were not a Jew, I’d probably be a Deist.

Well if Christianity did not exist
I would hope to be born Jewish otherwise I guess I would be a pagan.

This is somthing that I have thought of before and have never been able to come up with an answer.
I’m just glad I didn’t have to study every religion around to figure it out.
I have always thought that it would be wise to choose either Jewish or Catholic because of the bible and history. Not being in that situation it is hard to say without being formed as a child in faith.

My mom used to say that I am too much of a religious traditionalist…that if I were Catholic, I’d be a Traditionalist Latin Mass Catholic…if I were Muslim, I’d be a Shi’ite…if I were Protestant I’d be a fundamentalist or Old Order Amish.

You know something? She was right! :smiley: I tend to be drawn to the most traditional of all religions, but believe in only one: my own.

If I were not Christian, I would choose Judaism and if that didn’t exist I would go back to Buddhism.



If Christianity did not exist I would be Jewish. If there was no Judaism, I would be a Taoist.


Probably Buddhism.

I would want to be a religious Jew who lived before the time of Jesus.

Living today, there’s nothing I would rather be than Catholic. It’s an essential part of my identity.

A Jew can be a Jew and could possibly come to believe that Jesus, who was a Jew, was the messiah that was waited for. So if he then became a Christian he might see it as a reasonable progression or choice without completely denying Judaism.

But a Christian can’t see leaving his faith as anything but a denial of Jesus and of God. And a Catholic who understands his faith can’t leave the church because that also would be denying Jesus.

A life with no Eucharist!? ack! But, to participate in the question:

If I were not a Catholic and was a protestant, I would probably be Quaker… I live in a town with a rich Quaker history and a Quaker College. Something about the inner light and their peaceful stances appeal to me and allow me to reflect that in my Catholic faith. Aside from that, I don’t really like the fact that they draw away from scripture from time to time.

If I weren’t Christian, I’d be Jewish… you know, one of God’s chosen people.

If neither of those were available, I’d probably follow Buddhism.

I would be eastern catholic :).

Ooooh… nevermind, I’d probably go Orthodox!

I would have been Amish if only they had the whole truth.http://www.shawnaburns.com/images/Commissions/thumbLARGE_amishgirl.JPG

I wouldn’t follow any other Christian denomination now or ever. So, I’d probably want to be Jewish if I was not Catholic-- especially if Catholicism did not exist. Besides long ago, my ancestors from Spain were probably Jewish-- or Conversos.

Jewish. Closest to Catholicism. Though for a brief, rebellious moment, I’d consider creating the “Church of Me”. :wink:

without truth i would be false. i would be atheist. anything in between would be too wishy washy = not the complete truth, or just too false. therefore i go to the complete truth, the Catholic Church. :smiley:

Since we’re using pictures…
I’d be Jewish since that’s the logical “backstep” from Catholicism…

If Judaism didn’t exist, I’d be Muslim

What can I say? I can’t not worship the God of Abraham!! He’s just too Great.

if I were not a Catholic, Hmmm I would become a convert to the Catholic Faith that is through the Grace of the Father who leads us to Jesus

(John ch. 6 verse 65) He went on, This is why I told you that no one could come to me unless the Father allows him.


If Christianity did not exist, I would be Jewish. The Jewish people have the Covenants according to the Old Testament.

I weren’t Eastern Catholic I would definitely be Orthodox.

In order by likelyhood, Othodox (60%), Jewish (30%), Buddhist (10%).

Now, there is a chance equal to that, that I would form my own denomination, get me on TV, make big ole money, eventually start a compound, be raided by the FBI, go to jail, reform, make a come back, and make big ole money again.

Actually, put that ahead of any of the others. I agree with L. Ron Hubbard. If you want to make money, start your own religion.

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