If you were not confirmed, are you still catholic?

What the thread title asks… if you were baptized and received first communion, but not confirmed are you still considered to be catholic?


Yes, that is correct. Confirmation does not make you Catholic, but it does increase the amount of Sanctifying grace in your soul. I’d consider getting confirmed though, because it really does help you :thumbsup:


But one should seek out the Sacrament of Confirmation

You are Catholic, but you need to be confirmed to be fully initiated.

Of course! I was there not too long ago…but I went back and got confirmed…glad I did!

Yes of course! When we are baptized, we become Catholic, even if we never receive the Eucharist. That is why in an infant baptism, the priest must have every confidence that the parents will raise the baby as a faithful Catholic, because by baptizing him/her, that makes that individual culpable and obligated to follow the faith for life.

If you (or whomever) missed getting confirmed, there are adult confirmation classes in most parishes. My older son is in the process and will be confirmed next November.

Yes! Baptism makes you a member of the Catholic Church! At Baptism your parents spoke up for you, so that original sin would be cleansed from your soul, you received God’s grace, and you became a new member of the Body of Christ! You were, “Born Again!” into this family of Jesus Christ.

At Confession, and First Communion you cooperated with God’s grace in your soul to lead a Sacramental Life, and to prepare your soul for Confirmation. You followed Jesus’s instructions when He taught, repent, and confess your sins. You must eat my body, and drink my blood…to have life within you!

At Confirmation you complete the “Good work” started in your soul for salvation! Confirmation completes your belonging to the Body of Christ, which is the Catholic Church. We, the Church need your presence to be complete. :slight_smile: Confirmation completes the process of Baptism! Confirmation fills your soul with God’s grace, and equips you to be a soldier of Jesus Christ! It purifies, strengthens, and prepares you to build up the kingdom of Christ, and empowers you to lead a Holy Life that is a blessing to others. :dancing:

Yes,that’s true,
I am confirmed as Orthodox and not as Catholic,but in my soul,I am both.
That’s not the most important thing,as what and when you eat.As my priest said- That’s not so important what you get in mouth (think on meal,for some holidays),important is what get out from mouth (what you said)

You are Catholic yes - however if you are not confirmed you cannot receive the sacraments of marriage and holy orders. I suppose you could say that you are not fully Catholic…
The sacraments of Christian Initiation are Baptism, Confirmation and Communion - that is when you fully receive God’s grace

Just to add as well, you can not be a godparent either if you are not confirmed.

Actually…not technically true. I had my marriage convalidated before I was confirmed. A baptized Catholic is bound by the the Church’s rules of marriage…whether or not they have been confirmed although there is some language about they should be confirmed if possible.

Well we do have some “captive audience” Catholics in our adult confirmation classes who are only there to marry in the Church. As far as I know (I can check canon law) a person must be confirmed to be married in the Church. A marriage or convalidation done beforehand is usually allowed with the couple’s intention of being confirmed as soon as possible. I stand to be corrected but off hand that is what I remember.

My convalidation was offered and set before I ever decided to get confirmed…in fact it wasn’t even asked on the forms…just saying…

Canon Law says

Can. 1065 §1. Catholics who have not yet received the sacrament of confirmation are to receive it before they are admitted to marriage if it can be done without grave inconvenience.

Grave inconvenience is in the eyes of the beholder. Confirming a Catholic doesn’t belong to the priest but to the Bishop. It may well be that the couple wishes to get married before the Bishop next comes to town and he is not willing to grant the Pastor the faculties to confer it himself. The priest may not wish to ask. The priest may not have the time to do the preparation (in a parish where he is the one who prepares them) before the wedding.

I have to say I’ve seen several couples get married without receiving the sacrament of confirmation beforehand. None of them ever came back to prepare for it either.

Yes! You are able to receive the Eucharist at Mass. But, I strongly suggest you contact your parish’s office to organize confirmation, since confirmation bestows the full graces of the Holy Spirit upon you.

God Bless. :highprayer:

Thank you!

Canon Law 1065 requires confirmation apart from ‘grave inconvenience’ - I presume grave inconvenience would be danger of death, or impossibility of finding a bishop or delegated priest to administer the sacrament.

I doubt there are many priests who will delay a wedding if a Confirmation cannot be scheduled beforehand. My husband was not confirmed before we were married. I am on the RCIA team in my parish and we have quite a few people come through RCIA for Confirmation who were married without being confirmed. In our Diocese adult Confirmations are usually done at the Easter Vigil. It is actually more common than it should be, or we would like it to be.

My husband and I were married (through a Convalidation) and my husband hadn’t been Confirmed.

And my husband never went back to be Confirmed.

But he never wanted to be Confirmed. :shrug:

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