If you were stranded on an island

If you were stranded on an island, which book would you rather have with you, the bible, or the catechism?

The Cathechism. More things to think about…
BTW, I AM stranded on an island!

neither i gotta get off and no books gonna help
maybe whichever is bigger so i can make a bonfire

I’m on an island. Not completely stranded, and with no shortage of books. There will be a boat tomorrow in time for Mass on the mainland.
While I try to study and read about faith matters generally, I often ask myself why I am not reading the Bible. Do I really know Bible so well that I can set it aside for something else? On the other hand, returning to the Bible after being guided in sound principles opens up new meanings, and even makes me notice things I hadn’t seen before. So my vote is for the Bible. … With a sneaky something else in the back pocket. Perhaps the Daily Office. The Office of Readings gives a pretty good education and catechesis, and just rolls on and on.

I once saw this compared to: If stranded on an island would you rather have a book on Oceanography, or one on How to build a Canoe?

The Bible. I just use the Catechism as a reference book. I am able to read the Bible from cover to cover more easily, or in sections.

Ah! So, which would you rather have? :wink:

Definitely the Bible. It is God’s word!

As one can have a spiritual life without a book, I would opt for neither. I would rather have a good guide to survival techniques.

The Bible, absolutely. One, for the hope (the New Testament). Two, for the prose (Gospel of John). Three, for the poetry (the Psalms). Four, for the fantastic stories (Exodus, David, the OT in general). Five, for the guidance on how to live my life (the Ten Commandments, the Pauline Epistles).

I could add more and more.

The Catechism, while useful for life in society, would not be anywhere near as complete a work as the Bible if stuck alone. And I wouldn’t have any access to the sacraments. Without the grace from the sacraments, I’d pin my salvation on the hope from the Bible.

With the Bible, and a good memory, I could recreate the Liturgy of the Hours of a sort and still participate in the public prayer of the Church. Not so with the Catechism.

The Bible in addition to sustaining hope and faith, can also be a really, really good piece of literature to read and pass the time.

Of course if I had my Liturgy of the Hours set, I’d pretty much have the best bits of the Bible and could still participate in the public prayer of the Church. But even with the Bible alone, I could pretty much set up a pretty close facsimile.

LOL! I was going to say something similar. If one can’t survive, then they’ll end up being with God, thus making any books unnecessary. :slight_smile:

If all the footnotes were completely quoted, not just listed, I’d go for the catechism.

If not, could I have the brievery as a third option. Then I’d get the full Bible plus!!!

I’ll go with the Catechism because I’ve read most if not all of the Bible several times. Having been Protestant, I have many verses committed to memory. I haven’t read very much of the CC so until I’m rescued off the island, I’ll use the opportunity to read it.

This reminds me of a question my brothers debated for years…Mary Ann or Ginger.

The Professor! :wink:

Definitely Mary Ann.

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