If you weren't (your faith), what would you be and why?

I’d have to say agnostic. I know agnosticism is an unscientific belief and a stretch to believe that infinite gravity magically poofed into existence to create the big bang without a Creator, but… I struggle with the concepts of a just and merciful God as it relates to kids with cancer; if God created all things, then why did he create homosexuals and then say it’s wrong; giving credit to God for favorable outcomes but not blaming him for unfavorable ones. Why all the pain and confusion? Maybe I’m just at a low right now…

I’m not sure why all these hypothetical question threads have been popping up lately. There is one true Faith, one true Church, and considering that reality, all these what-ifs are pointless and irrelevant.

It is what it is, and I am what I am. Thanks be to God.

If I wasn’t Catholic I would still be a Muslim or perhaps by now I would have been an agnostic leaning toward atheism. Fear not though I am a zealot for my faith though I have taken blows I take them in stride and continue to remind myself everyday that God died so I could live with Him forever.

Deist. I don’t think I’ll ever not believe in God, but there have been many times in my life where I thought God was absent, asleep, didn’t care, etc. That was of course before I found this website. :slight_smile:


and yes God created Humans

and we also got free will, well all our choices have consequences, and people have suffered from our choices

whether over time products that cause cancer being made or war torn countries who now have kids dying,

now we have free will, what will YOU do with yours…?

I don’t mean to sidetrack your thread, but I can’t see around my concern for you right now. These concepts you’re struggling with… can we talk about them maybe? (In another thread I suppose?). I’m sorry you’re down. Maybe we can help?


I’d either be one of those loud angry atheists, or I’d be completely apathetic to religion.

I was on my way to being an atheist when I was saved by the ECF’s.

As to your questions, I struggled with them at one time, and who knows if the answer I found will satisfy you, but it as scripture says, we all have our own crosses to bear. Homosexuality or a dead child, sad to say, are far from the hardest. As for the children themselves, if there is a just and merciful God, their death under conditions controlled by God, cannot be thought of as wholly bad. They are under his care, living or not.

I don’t think I could accept the premise. My faith must in fact be My faith, not someone else’s. :smiley:

Not what you meant, I know. As an Evangelical Protestant, however, I can technically change denominations without trying hard. But if the “other faith” is in reality a group of Christians that is family to begin with- and not the separated kind of family, mind you- I don’t know that I would really consider that a change of faith. It can be- and often is- a less jarring transition than a Catholic would experience after obtaining special permission to move from one Catholic rite belonging to one Catholic church (sui iuris) in full communion with Rome to a different Catholic church and different rite. A Catholic in that situation might feel that their faith is no different and neither is the size and scope of their church family- and I would feel the exact same way if I joined any of a dozen or more denominations that I could list off the top of my head. So perhaps that kind of “faith change” would be cheating.

If I did something that necessitated a real conversion, though, I suppose I would stay Christian and go with the church that does the best job of helping me become a better Christian. Same as what I do now, except in this hypothetical I must eliminate a lot of good options. And of course a conversion of sorts must take place.

It would probably depend on the people as much as the structure of the church itself, and some things might vary depending on where in the world I am. I really don’t know which one I would go with, as there are far too many “known unknowns” that need hypothetical exploration while failing to receive real exploration along with the “unknown unknowns” that I haven’t even considered.

So the short answer is whatever church out of my remaining options that does the best at helping me become a better Christian.

Unhappy. Earlier experience with being inattentive to my faith has taught me to really appreciate it. Life is so much better with the Eucharist!

If I wasn’t Catholic I’d be a monster. I know the person I was before finding peace in the Church. Without it I’d be lost.

This is a hard one, since I don’t really know what my “faith” is now, assuming I have one.

What a tricky question. Fortunately, I have an idea of the answer. If I were not Catholic, I would either have been dead from heartbreak and cast in hell, or I would have turned into a monster so devillish and impossible to describe. Even the thought of it makes me tremble. I know because I once almost lost my Catholic Faith due to wrong guidance and my lack of vigilance. For a few years I lived in confusion and for a few hours I lived in total despair, thinking that the doors to recovering my Faith were forever closed. It is a terrible pain more than can be described. It is simply easier for me to exist without physical food than without the Eucharist. Without this wonderful Catholic Faith, I would not have anything concrete to hold on to about the eternal truths, about God, about my destiny… My Catholic Faith is the best and most wonderful gift that God has given me and I will treasure it with all that I’ve got.

You mean if…“if” was a fifth we could have a toast and thank God it wasn’t? :slight_smile:

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