If you wish to love! do you think this is wrong?


I want to express this, you may think it wrong.

I must tell you this is only 1/2 the situation.
I have often ( I think the spirit led me to say) said Lord give me a job where I can glorify You.
I now have a job doing maintenance (ground cleanliness).
My job is to work with a person 1/2 my age, who no other person will work with, who uses the most foul words only heard in gangs or barn yard .and other words to in every sentence, no matter who he is with or where we are at. We work at the main hospital. It was so hard for me, and because i thought I was going to take his place as lead hand (as I was told by the boss) which now will not come about, so I would get angry at his not being professional, not finishing jobs Jobs started 4 weeks ago, and doing homework.
I wondered what God was doing. 3 months in asked God what I could do since every person asked me how I could work with him.

I felt the Lord telling me to let go of the thought of taking the lead hand job on. I did and that eased the situation, we started getting on better. The language was still there, and he loses things every day or two. Unprofessional practice has cost the company $thousands per month,and he doesn’t care. I cry out to Jesus asking Him what He is doing and trying to allow Jesus to change me since this person cannot of his own o cord even though he was a Christian.
I cannot turn a blind eye and have told the boss I am not to blame for the amount of implements and vehicles damaged. We went to the cafeteria yesterday and one of the waitresses came to us to say hello, the work mate said, “now you can f… off”, and laughed. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do and the look on her face, she was so hurt.
Latter that day, we went into a garden where the only entrance is internal ( you can only enter it through the main corridor inside the hospital) I did not know this work was going to be done, so I was not prepared for what was to come. He took two rakes over his shoulders through the main corridor (not thinking about hitting patients or staff), into the garden and when finished raking up there was a **log 2mtrs long which he put over his shoulder and carried out the corridors **( if he has hit a patient)? he made a mess on the floor and we had to come back to clean up he brought a broom and shovel which he carried over his shoulder through the main corridors. I was so shocked and because i used to be one of the supervising guards there I was known what a shock to my system.

My work mate is oblivious about his practice. But the good thing is that I realized that Jesus is changing me through this, taking my pride apart, Jesus is changing ME, even if it is not to help my work mate it is to change me prepare me for other things Jesus has. It is not easy I don’t know if you would understand any of this but at last i feel a different me in that I am more at peace while these lack of professional practice is happening. Each time I go through a faze the load is lighter and I don’t any longer have the expectations or get angry at him. I feel as if it is Jesus who takes these hurts or feelings not me.
Is this how God relates to “Lord do with me what You want” it seems to me it is, where does this lead i don’t know.

Respond if you wish,


A complex situation, LO…and I feel for you in it all.

I think St. Paul 's First Epistle to the Corinthians Ch13 has your answer:

1 If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 2 And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. 3 And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor, and if I should deliver my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. 4 *

[quote]Charity is patient, is kind: charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely; is not puffed up;

** 5 Is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil;*


Other than that, in a situation where a person may be endangering in some way others, then I think we have something of a moral obligation to speak quietly with that person. If the person refuses to take any notice, it just could be that we need to speak with our superior about the endangerment. If it were me, I think I would gently tell the person that if they did not cease for any activity that would endanger others, then it would be necessary to speak with the superior or supervisor. Also, personally I wouldn’t let another person get away with saying something that another found hurtful. Again I would speak to them and suggest an apology as the person really was hurt. If that didn’t work, I’d have a quiet word with the hurt person and tell them that this is just they way that person is…loud and insensitive to others - not only him or her.

And over and above that, especially if we are prayerful, we can inwardly sense where The Spirit is leading us…we may be aware of ourselves wanting to move in another direction and it may be a most lofty direction indeed, but deep down, if we listen, we know where The Spirit is leading. Other than that:o …a spiritual director is pure gold in the spiritual life - he/she can help us discern where The Spirit is leading if one cannot for oneself.

I think too that we are aware, usually with hindsight or looking back, of the growth that has taken place in us through The Holy Spirit and Grace. Sometimes, and perhaps even often. others see it before we do, but they may not comment.

I hope that may help…other posters may be of more help…Blessings and my regards, LO…Barb:) *



You asked God to give you a job that glorifies Him; perhaps you’ve been placed in that situation to help recover one of His lost sheep.

I think you have the right idea in becoming resigned to God’s will and bearing the situation with patience. I would also recommend praying for this young man daily - many times daily, and then continuing to set a good example for him.

I would guess, based on his behavior, that his father didn’t set that example growing up. Having a good Catholic man twice his age around 40 hours a week is bound to have some effect. People striving for holiness influence those around them.

Barb has some good advice on when to speak up - especially when his behavior is dangerous or very hurtful to others.

Hang in there. The work you’re doing may seem unglamorous and thankless, but I think in light of eternity, praying for this young man, setting the example for him, and bearing the suffering he causes patiently may be one of the most beautiful things one could do for the Kingdom.

Recently in prayer I wanted to express to God how much I loved Him. I was finding that words were inadequate. Then something popped out of my mouth that I know I didn’t come up with:

“Lord, I want to show you with my life how much I love you.”

Here’s a chance for you to show God with your life how much you love Him.


This must be so hard, and I admire you for trying to grow through your experiences with this person. One thing I learned from working with someone who did not do their share was to overcome resentment.
Resentment is a terrible sin that eats at a person. It is hard not to resent someone like you described, but it is necessary.

Pray hard for him, but I would not allow him to continue to be foul-mouthed in your presence. Ask him to respect you by not cursing in front of you. If he does not comply, talk to your supervisor. If this doesn’t work, I strongly recommend looking for another job. Noone deserves the disrespect that comes from a person spouting obscene and disgusting language. This may harm your spirit in the long run, so I recommend getting away from it if this person refuses to respect you enough to stop cussing. Foul language is the mouthpiece of the devil.

Overcoming resentment

…A+++++ Post!!!:thumbsup:





**It sounds like you are on the right track here. Tend to your own spirituality and what God is doing within you to transform you into a better and holy person.

It sounds like your workmate will not be there long as soon as somebody in administration realizes that he is costing the company thousands of dollars. Somebody should be documenting everything at this point.**


But at times people like this are put on our path not for me to look at but to just enjoy that they are God’s creation, even though. I have told my boss that I am not taking any of this wrong doing into my self, and will not accept his actions. However i pray for him each day as no better or worse than I.



So, there are these things called “Supervisors”. You take your problem with your co-worker to a “Supervisor” (or a boss). Not an Internet forum. Proper channels of authority = good idea!


God has sent you your very own personal cross to carry.Please take very good care of him,as we know you will.


Thank you for your time and thought, however I am not relating to my situation in the fleshly setting hence by relating it here there could be others in difficulty that could get (as I have) SPIRITUAL assistance which is what I am more interested in.
However for your info I have related these points (as non professional actions) to my boss but I was not going to mention that here it not being the relationship I am referring to.

How ever there has been much prayer, he has been changing with less bad language, spitting, putting down and he has started speaking about Christianity and catholic reasoning.

I make a point of being happy under at all times and smile and crack jokes that he laughs about ( no rude stuff), now he is saying that he is the reason why we are happy. That is in itself an excellent step in joyful way.

Thank you again for your interest. Please pray for strength for me and openness for him to come back to God.



You are right however I don’t see it as a cross but a joy that Jesus would even allow this person to be under my help, what a blessing.

I realize also that there are consequences for those who have been given much so I have to keep my heart and words alive in Jesus, not self. St John once said “I must become less that He (Jesus) may become all” I think that this is my road, so I every day think into the words of St Therese and put the words of the little bird not able to climb the stairs into my mind and see where I am and then go to Jesus and ask His help.

If it is a cross then it is only that what he is unable to carry then I will avail myself to take it in and offer it all to Jesus on the cross and lay it all at the foot of the cross.



That is great news! Keep doing what you’re doing. :thumbsup:


Since started writing this thread I have been praying the liturgy of the word for the OCDS and have felt the power on many occasions. I would like to mention that it is 6 months since I started work with my work mate and yesterday and today I noticed that only once in 1/2 hour did he swear I was thrilled and today he did the same.

One mistake i made today though is that he asked if I would take a tool down to a shop to get fixed on the way home and I refused since I would be doing it out of work time and this would take me right out of my way.
i thought about it when I got home and tomorrow if the boss does not come to pick it up then I will take it since I believe that this act of goodness might help my work mate.
So thanks for your prayers.


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