If your beloved one dies, what would you ask him/her to do when she reaches the other side?


I am not sure if this thread goes here but I want to ask you this question, which was brought up after Reading “Suprised By the Truth” conversion of Jimmy Akin.

In the book, he ask his beloved Rene to pray for him on the otherside.

If your beloved one, wife, husband, father, brother, sister, aunt, grandpa, grandma, niece, nephew, friend, best friend, dies would you ask him or her to pray for you still, or intercede on your behalf?

Note I said pray for not worship.

Jimmy’s story made be weep. His story is sad yet joyful since his wife died in peace and united with Jesus in heaven…


If someone I know closely died, I would pray for him, have Mass offered for him, and attempt to gain a plenary indulgence for him.


Yes, I would ask my husband to pray for me and for our daughters.


in our family we say that each of the deceased grandparents is praying in a particular way for one of their grandchildren most in need of intercession. It is only in part a light-hearted hope, but we do have evidence which seems conclusive to us of their particular prayers in behalf of each of these children. since of course there will only be 4 of them they are going to have to double up a bit.


I’m an oldster, so I’m already doing this with many family members and friends. :slight_smile: I ask them all to pray for me and to obtain as many graces for me as they possibly can. In turn, I pray for all of them, offer Masses for them and try to obtiain :wink: indulgences for them…spiritually speaking, we all have each others’ backs! :thumbsup:


Of course I do. I pray for them, in case they are in Purgatory, and I ask them to pray for me. Their souls are more alive in the presence of Christ in Heaven, so why would I not ask them to pray for me, especially if I asked for their prayers when they were living on earth?


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