If your Bishop were coming to speak to your small group


what would you want him to discuss? Our womens’ group will have the Bishop as guest speaker at our December meeting. I am new to the group this year, but was told he as given talks on Christmas Spirit…Nativity…Charity…things like that. What would you want him to talk to you about during the Advent season??


You might tell him as much as possible about your group and let him choose, as the Holy Spirit guides.

Otherwise, you might do a little research, find out was his particular interests are, and poll the group as to which might be on the most interest to them.

Or both.


I would second that. Nearby in the ruling bishop department, we have a canon lawyer who likes food; a philosopher, healing up from some drastic surgery; a southerner who is very personable, yet orthodox, and a newcomer to our area; a liturgist; and a teacher. Surely, your bishop has his biography someplace online.


I’d suggest the same thing - tell him about your group and some topics they have expressed interest in, but close with saying that you trust his judgment, are honored to have him, and would love to hear whatever he thinks would be most appropriate.


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