If Your Religion Did Not Exist

Shalom all;

If your religion ( hypothetically speaking ) did not exist, but all of the remaining except yours, did still exist; which one would you find yourself attracted to the most?

To make things simple, lets keep things under very general umbrellas ( IE; Christianity = Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox )

Please explain why you would choose such a faith.

Shalom Aleichem

My pick;


I find the Sikh religion to be one of the closest faiths I’ve encountered which mirrors much of the teachings of Our Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

I especially appreciate their teachings on equality, love, hard work, and religious tolerance.

I’ve never met a Sikh yet who wasn’t exceptionally kind, humble, and loving.

A beautiful faith.

Shalom Aleichem

That’s a hard one.

Buddhism appeals to me. Pacifist yet realist, did the ‘open hand’ method of martial arts emerge under Buddhism? Buddhist’s may correct me. Reincarnation - I recently sent both my dogs, 14 and 17, my pals, to the big kennel in the sky. I had them cremated and sprinkled their ashes in Lough Erne where we have a boat and spent a lot of time to release their spirit into the circle of life. I can’t believe God created animals for no reason. Meditation, spiritual enlightenment, doing no harm to others etc. appeals.

Judaism - as I understand it, but I may be explaining it badly, they have a different understanding of the Devil which I think says something. I think the Christian concept of the Devil may have been influenced by the Greeks. They also think we our ‘dark’ side helps us, in that we learn to, among other things, be streetwise and have ambition which are useful life skills. But as I said I may be explaining it badly.

Methodism - the focus on equality, good works and singing appeals, and the fact they think everyone who professes a belief can share in communion and you don’t have to join their Church to do so.

Truth is, if Catholicism did not exist I may start my own religion that would be a mixture of many. :smiley:

Hm. If Christianity was not true, the obvious answer would be the truest religion. What’s the use of believing in that which is not true?

Hm. In which case… Hm. You know, I don’t know.

Quite possibly Judaism, which professes many things about God that can be known through reason without the aid of divine revelation, that no other religion seems to claim. Like that God is all-powerful, eternal, unchanging. That all things began with Him, and that He is One, and not many. And that He is kind, merciful, and most importantly, loves His Creation. The Jewish faith teaches these things, if I understand correctly, in a way no other quite does.

Failing that… probably a lover and worshiper of God with no particular religion. I don’t know what that is called. I don’t think it’s a Deist, as a Deist knows God exists, but doesn’t worship Him.

Judaism: and I would be awaiting the messiah.

If Christianity didn’t exist I would certainly be Jewish, no question about it. It’s the only othet religion that’s established by God himself through revelation, so it’s true or definitely is mostly containing real truth though not its fullness.

If that also didn’t exist then I would be Buddhist (probably Tibetan) because it’s not based on claims to special divine revelations that I disbelieve (like the other non-Christian and non-Jewish faiths). It’s based on a purely natural, wise, detached, scientific (to me), psychological discovery of higher truths of the world and man as best as can be achieved without special intervention from God or revelation. I’ve often tended to see it as the best natural religion that man can have without divine revelation. Plus Buddhists who take it seriously are generally wonderful human beings as far as I can tell, and very wise. I’m more likely to see Buddhism for the most part as incomplete (even alot) kinda in the same way that I see Judaism (though to a much greater extent than Judaism, of course) more than I’m likely to see it as downright erroneous as I do for most of the other faiths and religions.


easily Judaism

Shalom Minky;

I think the same way, of course though solely on the person of Yeshua. I think if He didn’t exist, I’d have no other choice but to mix and match as best I could, according to what fit the best for me.

One can hear G.K. Chesterton here;

When a Man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.

I’d go so far to say, when man stops believing in Yeshua himself, the same can be said.

Shalom Aleichem

Shalom Tarkan;

Excellent point of course; we would still, hopefully, be searching for the truth.

Shalom Aleichem

I should clarify, and my apologies for not doing so in my first post;

But, other than our Judeo-Christian tradition, so including Judaism, what other faith would you be prone to follow?

Shalom Aleichem

Shalom Mary;

It’s interesting how so many talmidim of Yeshua would, if He was not able to be our foundation (G-d forbid), turn to Buddhism.

I agree with much of what you have to say; Buddhism is a very tranquil, harmonious faith, and many Buddhist are wonderful people, true children of peace.

Shalom Aleichem

and I would believe Jesus is the Messiah:thumbsup:

Shalom Patavium;

Ha! Naturally :rolleyes:

Shalom Aleichem

If Christianity didn’t exist, it would be because Christ hadn’t come to earth yet, so I would be Jewish and awaiting His arrival.

If Judaism is out, then presumably so is the Muslim religion, since they’re based (loosely) on the God of Abraham as well. I guess I couldn’t be a Menonite either, though I’ve always thought that might be fun. I think I’d like to be one of the tribal religions of the south Pacific area. (Maybe I could be a Maori?) I think they have beautiful art, music, and stories.

what other religion believes in life after death with my identity intact? any?

Shalom Allegra;

I have always had a love for native spirituality’s; specifically those of the North American Native peoples.

Interestingly enough, many of the Native peoples, when they first heard Yeshua, recognized that He was in fact the true way; and many saw Him as the fulfillment of their own, tribal, religions.

Fascinating stuff to be sure.

Shalom Aleichem

Shalom my friend,

This is an important question, thank you for asking.

Other than the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), there are few which seem to hold out a continuance of person hood after this life.

Pantheism (Hinduism, etc) believes we will all become absorbed into Brahman and thus lose our identity, as a drop of water returns to the sea.

Buddhists too, have a similar extinguishing of the person ( though they try and explain it differently, ultimately, it is certainly nihilistic )

And even the faith I picked, Sikhism, holds a similar position to that of Hinduism; that when one has become truly holy, they will be absorbed into god. ( Some Sikhs have differing beliefs, which makes it hard to pin down )

Shalom Aleichem

I would agree it would have to focus on the person of Yeshua. However, I ask myself if I had never heard Jesus was the Messiah, if I had been raised Muslim or Hindu, would that matter? Ultimately, I cannot know. I don’t know whether I would be Christian or not had I not been raised in a Christian society. If I had been alive at the time Jesus was on earth, would I have believed in him? I would like to think I would, but would I? My mother used to say your religion is an accident of birth. If we are honest, at least to an extent our parents chose our religion for us.

Well, if my religion, which I see as a guide and pathway for my spirituality and becoming closer to God didn’t exist, I suppose I would go out on my own.

I’d be one of those “spiritual but not religious” folks. I really can’t say what it would look like, probably much prayer in solitude.

I imagine it would be a lonelier path than this one, without the history and community of the church. I’d have more doubts in my spirituality as well.

However, there’s a saying I always liked (I believe it’s Muslim) “If you take one step toward God he takes ten steps toward you.” So I believe a path like this would be somewhat fruitful. Glad I don’t have to go it alone though.

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