if you're a wise and experienced man, could i please send you a private with a question

sorry to bother you.
the other day i was close to committing a lustful sin, well, maybe i committed some kind of sin, but i didn’t commit the sin that I originally intended to commit. Anyways, i would like to talk about this with someone, i would like you to give me some advice, i would also appreciate if you could tell me how to confess such sin.

Thank you

God be with you

Ideally, you should speak to a priest in the secrecy of the confessional.

You can send me PM, although please don’t be overly explicit.

Benedicat Deus,

I second that, you need to contact a Catholic Priest.

thanks… and what does being “explicit” mean? is it using bad words or vulgarity or what exactly does it mean? anyways, i don’t have a close relationship with my priest, and besides, what if he thinks that i’m being “explicit” i don’t want to offend him, Should i just not confess such sin?
thank you

Go to a priest, any priest in any parish, have confession. You may have it either behind a screen or face to face. Just be honest and tell the priest what is bothering you.

I offerred this in your other thread. Feel free to message me.


The priest has heard it all before.

We all have our misconceptions of priests who through we take our sins to Jesus.
Try this. Go to a catholic bookstore and ask the clerk or any soul in the store, where is a good priest to go to confession. Take them up on it. Call and make an appointment. Show up. Greet the holy priest and go with him. Listen to his words when he prays. When he looks to you for your sins, you are looking into the eyes of your Saviour, persona Christi.
Take a breath, get on your knees, and tell Jesus you love Him so much you would never ever think of offending Him. I’m guilty of this and that sin, this many times since my last confession. And I promise to beg, plead, and pray at the next visit of temptation of the devil to not act on this thought. Listen very close to what that priest is saying. Take a breath and answer his questions, honestly. Whether you feel God’s Grace of absolution or not, you are forgiven, and sanctified. Hold very close to that as long as you can. Commit to confess regularly and to visit Jesus more than once a week. You are now a martyr for Christ and a soldier of the Immaculata. Go out and don’t stop blessing poor sinners.

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