"Iffy" Movie Scenes

Do sex scenes in movies or mainstream TV shows count as pornography?

For instance, “House” has sex scenes. Are they porn?

Do “unrated” or “rated” “college movies” (i.e. American Pie) constitute porn?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think that most of the tv series such as House would be pornography, but I wish they would just eliminate scenes like this and stick to the drama. Also, the character House should not be “lusting” after his boss. Not family fare, thats for sure.

But this series compared to others are pretty tame. As far as the college movie you mentioned, I haven’t seen it but I think it would qualify as more in poor taste than pornography. However, I seldom go and see movies anymore because of immoral scenes thrown in.

One thing, the broadcasting networks have to watch it a little more than the satellite or cable channels.

There are some shows I like though, like the Medium who shows a married couple and a typical family, although I don’t take this series seriously as she supposedly dreams things that will happen in the future, although I do understand that this has happened sometimes to people, and also to prophets in the Bible.

This though is just my opinion. I am more concerned about tv plots that mock our faith such as a recent Law and Order show. Any time I see one of those, I try and write to the creators of that show to show my displeasure.

if they cause you to have sinful thoughts, dont watch them

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