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Hi all,

I am wanting a good study bible… Looking at the New Testament Ignatious study bible. I am interested in accurate explanations that are in alignment with the teachings of the Church as well as helpful scripture references for the faith. Has anyone had any experience with this bible? Pros and cons or possible recommendations?

Thank you in advance for any insight!


Its a fine test to supplement your New Testament reading of the RSV2CE.

The price is right, especially considering it may just get you started into deeper study which could later require a larger investment in commentaries.

Enjoy your study of the Sacred Scripture!

Peace and all good!


Liemanova. You asked:

Has anyone had any experience with this bible? Pros and cons or possible recommendations?

I have it and love the Ignatius Study Bible.

Unbelievably inexpensive.
Very good insightful commentary.
Commentary notes are appropriate length (not too brief but not proverbial doctoral dissertations either).
A fine version of the New Testament (RSV-2CE).
Reasonable type size.
Widely available (you don’t need to purchase from an obscure used book store).
Widely used (so when you allude to a comment in it, other people you may be talking to may already own it too. This makes conversation about comments easier).

I like to read in bed. If I read this paperback book in bed, I would probably rip it (but that is the case with any book that has more than a 175 pages or so).

A definite “recommend”.

I hope this helps you in your quest.

God bless.



Buying this bible is the best way to spend ~$30 that I can think of…

I happen to own two. One hardcover and one softcover. One for Pie, one for me.


Great! Thank you all for your time and attention. I’m going to order mine today! ::smiley:


The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is an excellent work but unless they have come out with a new format, it is not the complete Bible. It is only the New Testament and therefor incomplete.

The New Testament stands on the Old Testament and cannot be correctly understood without it. Again, the ICSB is an excellent work and there is much to be gained from it. I own the large hardcover version, but it will always be lacking.

My Bible for daily reading doesn’t even have footnotes and so I cannot recommend a specific study Bible with both Old and New Testaments. I would however, recommend a Bible with a good cross reference. A solid cross reference is invaluable. I know some of the larger New Jerusalem Bibles and some copies of the NAB have excellent cross references.



Its excellent and the best bargain! Once they have a single volume for OT and NT then it will be even more amazing!


Ignatius Study bible would be my first choice. I have one and I use it all the time.
The Navarre Study Bible is also very good but comes in many volumes and is very expensive.


My new Ignatious study bible Came in the mail today. I have to say it is amazing. :love:

My dad gave me his set of 4 Navarre, one for each Gospel, which I like as well.

The entire New Testament in one volume is what I was looking for though presently.

Thanks again y’all!


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