Ignatius Bible RSV-2CE Pocket Edition?

Has anyone heard of any rumors of the Ignatius RSV-2CE coming out any time soon in a pocket or compact edition? My options for a traveling Bible (in this version) is my big heavy Bible, or the compact version of the 1st edition…

I talked with someone at Ignatius about a month ago and was told that there are no current plans to produce any other editions of the RSV-2CE at this point, except perhaps for a large print edition.

Thus, the only RSV-2CE compact edition you have to choose from is the one containing the NT and Psalms: ignatius.com/Products/NTPL-P/new-testament-and-psalms-rsv–leather.aspx

Of course there is a compact edition of the original RSV-CE as well: ignatius.com/IProducts/23884/ignatius-bible-compact.aspx

I am hoping that the Ignatius RSV-2CE will come out in a large print edition. Maybe something with the font size of the current Ignatius Study Bible NT or a giant print like they did with the RSV-CE. The compact travel versions have way to small of a font size for my aging eyes, but I do take my RSV-2CE New Testament & Psalms with me if I need something compact (the font size is about 9), the same as their regular size Bible. So Ignatius if you are viewing this, help!

If Ignatius Press has no plans of producing a compact RSV-2CE (entire Bible) then it would be nice if they did the noble thing and allowed somebody else to do it. I’m sure a lot of people would love to have one.

I agree!

There is a pocket RSV 1CE.

Here it is on Amazon.

The closest you’ll get for the 2CE, at least for now, is the pocket NT and Psalms.

Yep, and I finally ordered that very one from Amazon a few days ago because my family is taking a little trip next in a few weeks and I need a travel Bible (and don’t expect a pocket 2CE to appear before then). And those customer photos at the Amazon site were very enticing. I expect to carry it with me everywhere as I used to do with my pocket NASB when that was my main Bible.

So as a result of my decision, I may or may not be interested in a pocket 2CE if it ever does appear. Maybe the combo of little 1CE and big 2CE will be just fine.


The pocket edition of the RSV-CE arrived, and I love it. The differences are not so great (mainly for liturgical use so I hear), outside the Thees and Thous for prayer language, which suits me fine, since I am in the habit of praying that way myself. I’ll carry this Bible with me everywhere.

BTW the Bible arrived about a week after I returned from the trip. Oh well…

Well its much more literARY than an NASB and hardly any less accurate. That Oxford RSV-CE is very good. I have it in GL which you cant find anymore. I just picked up a NRSV in GL (not as nice) but for $12 shipped via ebay. So cant complain.

If you do not need the Old Testament there is an RSV-CE2 Edition *Ignatius New Testament and Psalms *- Leather (4 3/8" x 6 3/4" x 3/4").

I usually complain about text size in Bibles but, the text of the RSV-2CE is very readable.


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