Ignatius catholic study bible old testament


Uhh… So are they almost done with this yet?


Geez, I hope so.


they finished the New Testament first, correct?

I was wondering the same thing? when will the Old Testament study Bible be finished?


Yep I’ve had the new testament for a while. They have some of the old testament available as single books but that’s it


That question was brought up during a Q&A session on Catholic Answers and if I remember correctly they said it would take at least another year to get all the other OT books done.


Come on! I’m not getting it until they finish it… I’ll have to start mowing lawns when it’s spring, seeing my age. Lots. Of. Lawns. :rolleyes:

Not all bad. I have time to save up.




I’ve emailed them a few times over the last year+ asking about it. Every time that I do they give me a date a few months out. Spring 2015. Then Summer 2015. Then Fall 2015. Last was Summer 2016. I don’t see that deadline happening. Ah well, I’ve been waiting for this to come out since the day I bought the New Testament version. I hope it’s as valuable to me as that one was.


so you have the New Testament version of Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and like it? I sure miss living in a town that has Catholic bookstores where you can walk in and pick up Bibles and other resources and thumb through them and look at them before you buy them.


I like it. I guess it just depends on how scholarly you are. I’m sure some might find it basic but I reference it all the time


I believe Ignatius press’s website lets you sample a few pages electronically


thanks. I miss the Mary Immaculate Catholic bookstore in Mesa and many others in the valley.


I have it yes and have used it frequently when writing my blog. I also use a Didache Bible, The Catholic Study Bible, the Catechism and the standard foot notes from an NAB. I think all are quite different in the information they provide but all provide something good to the discussion. If you like Scott Hahn’s style of biblical interpretation and expounding you’ll find the Ignatius one very similar (especially since he helped with those foot notes.)


I’ve basically been building up my Navarre bible collection waiting on the ignatius to be finished. I’ve also getting the single OT books as they are released. Both of the commentaries are excellent and I like them both.


I’m hoping the OT is completed in time to get as a gift when I retire…

… and I’m in my mid 40’s now…


Yeah, it’s just taking too long. I think it’s nearly a decade in the making now.

I’m guessing it’s more of a part-time project for the authors and editors involved. In the meantime, there may be other good resources to turn to.


The positive part of that is that it might end up being very good because of how long it’s taking. Then again, in the music business that sometimes betrays that the desired product is actually inferior to what was expected. Hmmm.


Do not forget the Navarre.


Its closer to two decades in the making. Matthew came out at the turn of the century.


They don’t have a single volume study bible though, do they? :confused:

I understand that their commentary is more devotional than explanatory, and heavily influenced by the doctrines of Opus Dei.

I am with those who sorely wish the Ignatius Study Bible would finish up the OT and come out with a single volume Study Bible. :slight_smile:

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