Ignatius Catholic Study Bible on iPhone and iTouch Mantis App

Fellow Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians,

I would like you to all help me out in trying to get the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible available on a (primarily Evangelical but cross-denominational) Bible Study app called Mantis.

I’m already in communication with Ignatius Press about this and they sound interested. I have posted a recommendation at the Mantis Bible Study website here:


The Mantis App is the best Bible Study app I’ve found and I’ve tried most of the good ones (including Logos and Olive tree’s Bible Reader.) What makes it great is that it has “in-line” insertion of notes, commentaries, definitions and a vast array of other Scripture study and word study tools. By “in-line” I mean that when you click on a verse and click on a commentary the commentary is inserted right there “in-line” in the text as opposed to annoying pop-up screens or having to leave the page you’re on. The same goes for definitions, word-study, personal notes, etc. And within the in-line notes or commentaries, you can click on hyperlinked verses or definitions and then you’ll have in-line notes within the in-line notes within the original scripture and all the in-line insertions are collapsible when you’re done reading them by just a tap. I recommend looking at the demo videos on the support section of their website to get an idea of how it works: mantisbible.com/Support/VideoTutorials/tabid/118/Default.aspx

I have accomplished immense amounts of Bible Study in just minutes with this app and it is truly a blessing.

Having Catholic resources like the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible available on this app would be incredibly beneficial to Catholic users of this application. I highly recommend you all try out the application. It is free with a standard KJV study package but you can download other resources, some of which are Catholic, such as the Vulgate, the Douay-Rheims, and an older version of the RSV with the deutero-canonical books.

But resources won’t be added unless there are signs that people might be interested in purchasing them, so I need your help (if you’re genuinely interested.)

If you like what I’ve just described or what you see in the demo videos or especially if you’ve actually used the app on your iPhone or iPod touch and would like to be able to have Catholic study notes/commentaries available then please go to my recommendation on their forums here:
and voice your interest in possibly purchasing the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible on Mantis if they make it available. (You’ll need to take a few seconds to register a forum account to post on that forum recommendation.)

I cannot stress how much of a blessing it would be to have the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible available for use on the Mantis application. With the exception of the few Doctrinal disagreements we have, I know that many Eastern Orthodox enjoy using Catholic resources like this one from Ignatius and so I welcome and request the addition of support from our Orthodox brothers and sisters as well.

This could also open the doors for other Catholic resources being made available. But its all up to the folks at Mantis and whether they see that people have interest and might be potential buyers. Just to reiterate, Mantis is free and buying the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible on Mantis would presumably be the same price or cheaper than the price of the actual physical book at the book store.

Also, if you for some reason don’t want to register on their forums and post on that thread, you could send them an email “seconding” this recommendation by going to their “contact us” page here:

If you do that, please let me know on this thread so I have an idea of how many people are interested but people “seconding” the recommendation on the actual Mantisbible.com forum thread will be more effective I think.

Please consider helping with this effort by simply voicing your interest.

Thanks for your time and God Bless.

that would be an excellent app

yeah, we really need to voice interest in this. *It would be great to have this Scott Hahn resource available on Mantis for iPhone!

Catholics, go HERE and post!!


I should point out that Mantis is currently developing PC, MAC, and Android versions of their software so this shouldn’t only be interesting to iPod or iPhone users but to anyone with a PC, Mac, or Android who likes the idea of Catholic Bible study on quality Bible Study software.

Please consider helping us with this. If you go to the recommendation on the Mantis site, here, you’ll see a few Catholic Answers forum members have already taken the time to post over there. But its only a few. We need all the help we can get!


I’d use it!

This sounds like a great app, any chance for a Blaceberry one? I would buy it in a heart beat.

Thank you,

I’m happy to say that I have confirmation from the president of Ignatius Press as well as the Mantis Bible Company staff that an agreement has been reached and work is underway in reformatting the Ignatius Study Bible to be made available on Mantis for iPhone and all future platforms (android, PC and Mac are in the works).

If you look at the mantisbible.com thread I linked to in the original post, you’ll see discussion has moved to whether to include the RSV-CE or CE2 as a seperate translation on Mantis. Please head there and voice support of that as well (but please only do so if you genuinely would consider buying it if it were available).

Thanks for the interest so far!

I plan on writing out recommendations for Fr Haydock’s commentary, the Navarre Bible Study and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to all be made available on Mantis as well. I’ll keep you all updated on each of those when I get around to making those recommendations.

It would be great to have the following available as Android apps:

  • Ignatius Bible (RSV-2EC)
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church

If these were available as stable, functional apps, I’d buy them.

With thanks,
To Jesus Through Mary

I’d want to see them as BlackBerry apps.

Android apps are known to leak your personal info and your friend’s info to 3rd party contacts.

iPhones are hacked within 6 minutes.

Only BlackBerrys are secure.

Latest approach I tried:

  • downloaded Barnes and Noble’s “Nook for Android” (free app)
  • purchased the Ignatius Bible as a Nookbook

So far, I’m not happy with the table of contents feature in the Nook app. It just takes too long to find any chapter and verse. If I find a way to make this work better, I’ll try to post it.

With thanks,

To Jesus Through Mary

I would buy it. It would be nice, if it could work on iPad too.

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