Ignatius Study Bible - is there an Old Testament version?


I just ordered the Ignatius Study Bible: New Testament (and I know it’s only the NT! ;)). I didn’t find one for the Old Testament. Is there such a thing?


My understanding from my RCIA teacher is that the OT version is in process but not not yet complete.


As with many projects this size, publication is incremental. :slight_smile:

There are currently 5 Old Testament volumes available for purchase:

*]Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon

Joshua and Judges and Ruth will both be available later this year.

10 down, 36 to go. :slight_smile: They are definitely planning on releasing the entire Old Testament eventually. It just takes time.


The Genesis one is great!


Thanks for the information.


Good to know - thank you! I picked up a handful of the individual NT guides, then decided to just get the whole thing (although I don’t think the full volume has the study questions). I’ve seen the individual OT guides but haven’t had a chance to look at them much yet.


Right, the lack of study questions is the main difference between the individual volumes and the New Testament as a whole. The study questions do come in handy if you are doing a study with a group. But it’s more pricey to go that route. I got most of the individual New Testament volumes back before they had the whole New Testament.


Yes, Dr. Hahn has lots to say about Genesis. :slight_smile: I know he really helped me make sense of Genesis, even before this volume came out.


I found the following update on the final completion of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. A single volume complete version, including the Old Testament, is now tentatively scheduled for between late 2015 and mid 2016. There are quite a few details about what the final Bible will be like at the link below:



I know that there is a place online that allows you to officially download all of the study questions for free, because I’ve done it myself. I can’t seem to find it, however. It might be from Scott Hahn’s website, or Ignatius Press. I’ll keep looking.


Interesting. That info is from a year ago. It seems doubtful to me that they are going to meet a target of Fall 2015 as they would have probably advertised that by now. I had heard they were close to being done with the Old Testament about 10 years ago, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Found it!


I did not know that Ignatius Press made these available. Thanks for the tip!


Oh, that’s great! Thanks for finding the study questions! I think those will be a big help.


Here we are end of April 2017. Is the complete Old Testament Ignatius Study Bible done yet?


They are working on it.

Also there is the Navarre OT



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