Ignorance of Catholicism is ignorance of Christ

Jesus founded His Church on the Apostles of which one was head Apostle, all of whom initially taught only orally with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and then many years later, some of this same inspired teaching was written down. In Antioc where the Church first started calling themselves Christian, the Church started being called catholic as it grew, and the formal word Catholic was meant to be and was used interchangeably with the term Christian which this same community came up with. The Apostles were Catholic men and the early Church was Catholic. Catholic men wrote New Covenant Scriptures with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Other opposing texts were put into society not by God’s Church. The Catholic Church with the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit sorted out which of the texts in circulation were truly inspired, amidst the texts also claiming to be inspired. That same Church still has the protection of the Holy Spirit to teach what is in the texts that she authored. No ecclesial community apart from the Catholic Church has the ability to teach infallibly what the truths are which are contained in Scriptures. Only this one Church was created by Christ for this purpose, and all people can come to know the fullness of revealed truth only through the one Church created by Christ of which He is Head.

In addition, Jesus founded His one Church on the Rock of Peter, the visible Prime Minister of the King’s earthy Kingdom. Christ said that the gates of Hell would never prevail against this Church, which He founded and built. Christ founded the early Church first on the Apostles with Peter has head Apostle. He gave the Apostles the Holy Spirit which would enable them to recall His deposit of faith which He gave them, and to teach without error. This teaching was done orally, with nothing written down for many years. So, the Church was based on the authority and oral teaching of the Apostles. The Apostles started ordaining other Bishops as the Church grew to fulfill its universal mission given by Christ. Beginning around approximately twenty years after Christ ascended, the Catholic men started writing down these oral teachings, sometimes in the form of reproof to a Catholic community, so that some of the deposit of faith was recorded in the written word. The last of the New Covenant inspired writing was completed by about 100 AD. During this time, there were heretics which would put out texts alleging to be inspired, but were not. It took until 350 years after Christ ascension before the Bishops of the growing Church would meet, and sort out which of the texts in existence were truly inspired and which were not. The list of inspired texts determined by Catholic Church with the protection of the Holy Spirit came to be known as the Bible.

This Church founded by Christ on the rock of Peter still exists today, and just as Christ said, the gates of Hell have not prevailed against this Church. The Church that Christ founded on the authority of the Apostles with one head Apostle teaching God’s word orally, had also written some of this authoritative teaching down to pass along this way. So, the teachings of the early Church are Catholicism. The New Testament is some of the oral teachings written down, and so the NT is Catholicism, but not all of Catholicism. God’s Church is more than just the written teachings. God has done this so we would have the true teachings about Him. If you are ignorant of Catholic teachings, you are indeed ignorant of what Christ has revealed to the world about God.

Sadly, many are ignorant of God’s Church which He established so we would know the fullness of revealed truth, the Catholic Church with the office of Peter as Prime Minister for the earthly part of the King’s Kingdom. Trusting Christ means trusting His teachings through His Church. If you don’t trust God’s teachings through the Catholic Church, then you don’t truly trust Christ’s authentic teachings, and will remain ignorant of our Lord.

Actually, St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of the SCRIPTURES is ignorance of Christ.”

Without the Catholic Church, we have no assurance whatsoever of what Scriptures authentically teach. Jerome was a Catholic man and believed in Catholicism, including the Catholic teachings of what our Scriptures mean. But, there’s more to Jesus’ teaching and Church than only the written Godly Tradition found in the New Covenant Scriptures authored by God’s Catholic Church. If you cite Jerome as someone you believe, then why don’t you believe as he did, that the Catholic teachings were the authentic teachings of what Scriptures mean? Jerome meant that ignorance of what Catholic Church teaches about Scriptures is ignorance of Scriptures, as that’s what he understood. Ignorance of Catholic teachings of Scripture is therefore ignorance of Christ. Catholic teachings in Jerome’s time are still the Catholic teachings today. What problem do you have with the authentic teachings of God?

So, yes, and I love that quote and appreciate what Jerome, a great Catholic man has done for the people of God in translating the Bible to the Latin Vulgate. Back in Jerome’s time, before the printing press, no one believed in “Scripture Alone”. Jerome was Catholic and believed in the Church and submitted to the authority of the Head Bishop in Rome, as all of God’s people were intended to do. Indeed, Jerome was a man who loved and obeyed Christ in this. Today, no one who truly loves God and Scripture should believe in that false teaching of the “Bible Alone” either. So, in proper perspective, we take Jerome’s statement and show how it fits into the larger picture, as I have done. If you understood the greater context including historical, you likely would not argue with truth, but accept it and rejoice at what God has done. In case you missed the connection, here it is in simple form.

Jesus established His Church on the authority of the Apostles in union with the head Apostle (first head was Kepha) and oral Godly Tradition. The Apostolic Authority and Oral Godly Tradition were handed down via organic laying on of hands and teaching protected by the Holy Spirit. This is the Catholic Church. (Catch what is not here yet? Jesus didn’t establish and leave a Bible for people to read. He established an authoritative Apostolic Church teaching Oral Godly Tradition.)

The Apostolic Authority and Oral Tradition were used to create written Tradition, i.e. the New Covenant Scriptures. The Apostolic Authority is in the Catholic Church, the Oral Godly teachings are Catholicism, as are the New Covenant Scriptures which are Catholicism.

The Apostolic Authority and Oral Tradition were used to gather authentic inspired Scriptures together to create the Bible. This is done in and through God’s Catholic Church, as He established so we would know the truth He has revealed.

The New Covenant Scriptures are Catholicism, but not all of Catholicism as there is more that God established in His Church such as the Apostolic Authority and Oral Godly Tradition as well.

If you are ignorant of Catholicism, you are ignorant of the proper meanings of the Scriptures, you are ignorant of Oral Godly Tradition, and don’t listen to those Jesus sent to continue His mission, in the Apostolic Authority. So, you are ignorant of authentic teachings Jesus gave us to know and love Him and be closer to Him.

It’s very clear that ignorance of Catholicism is ignorance of Christ. Since there is more to Catholicism than the Scriptures, you are missing out not only on authentic interpretations of Scriptures, but also the Sacraments that Christ established, including the Most Blessed Sacrament of His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the incomparable Eucharist.

If you could get God’s truth just anywhere or from reading our Scriptures, I would never have posted this. However, you simply can not!

What will you do to remedy your ignorance of Christ? There is only one place you can authentically solve this on earth. It is in God’s Church with the office of Peter as visible head. It is in God’s Catholic Church. Thanks be to God for His Church where we can have assurance of the truth, and receive His Sacraments.

Of course. But he didn’t say “ONLY ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.”

The OP has a very valid point. In general, ignorance of anything that God has revealed to us or given to us results in ignorance of God. I doubt anybody would dispute that.

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