Ignorance of Islam/Buddhism, etc.?

Why does it seem that many protestants/ND have low tolerance of other faiths? I know a few devout NDs who are almost afraid of anyone who doesn’t believe in Christianity. For example, they believe that Islam teaches that they should kill all Christians. I have read a bit of the Koran, at least the controversial parts, and I didn’t see any passages that command Muslims to do this. These same people are also ‘creeped out’ by Buddhism. While I definitely do not believe in Islam or Buddhism or anything of the sort, I still respect those who do follow those religions. They still observe God and look to Him for moral code and higher power. Something I really admire about the Catholic church, or at least what I learned in RCIA, is that the Church believes that people who are not one with the Church are still on a path of finding the Truth, and we should respect them for that, and pray that they find their way to the Truth.

Every time I hear comments about how ‘creepy’ Muslims are, how ‘violent’ they are, etc, I feel sick. There are extremists in every religion! Charles Mason, the Westboro Baptist Church, etc.

Somehow, religion ALWAYS comes up when I am with this group of people. When I am around things like this, what can I do to keep my cool, and present my argument in a calm way?


Also, are NDs/protestants taught that anything that is not their definition of Christianity (including Catholicism) is completely wrong, and that these people are of the devil or something? That’s what it feels like sometimes! I try so hard not to judge, but when I see so many people with these extreme, ignorant opinions, it’s hard to think otherwise!

I think you should not be so concerned over what the Koran says, but what Muslims think it says.

True, different Muslims have different thinking.

I was starting to think I was the only one here who thinks this way. I know it’s hard to keep your cool - there are times on this site that I have simply not responded because I have gotten so worked up. Take a step back, think and then respond.


The same could be said about what different Christians think the Bible says, no? Being closed minded about any religion is so sad to me… there are radicals in every faith.

Thank you for the support!! These people have such passionate opinions though and make such black-or-white statements. They say things such as, “Muslims do NOT worship the same God.” “Buddhism is sick.” It seems they literally think everyone who is not Christian is destined for eternity in Hell.

I suppose you’re right… perhaps it is easiest to just keep my mouth shut. I would like to pray for them though. I’d like to pray for them to open their hearts a little bit and just love others and be Christ for others, rather than judging someone because they have different beliefs.

Do you know if there are any prayers or saints I can look to for this type of thing?

Hmmmm good question? I’ll ask my parish priest - have to go help at a funeral vigil tonight anyways. A Saint for the Ignorant is not a bad idea. And yes pray for them it is all we can do. Often I have found it impossible to reason with such people - emotion, fear and anger guide them most often.

Thank you for all of your help. Good luck with the funeral… I am sorry for your Parish’s loss!

Thank you - we have lost quite a few this summer alone. Father is rather stressed I think, 12 funerals and only 2 baptisims and one wedding.

When large numbers of Christians go around killing ppl over silly reasons then i will start worrying.

Hmmm never been to Northern Ireland have you?

I am pleased to know you are so enlightened and broad minded. Why don’t you take a vacation for a couple of years to any Muslim country in the world and try to practice your faith. Then come back and let us know how it went. Then we may listen. Or perhaps you just need to study the history of Western civilization form the 6th century on.


I understand your love and compassion towards other people of different religion, but different people have different opinion even in the same group.

For example, muslims from other place might say we worship the same God, but the news link below said the muslims from different place said otherwise.

Malaysian churches fire-bombed as ‘Allah’ row escalates

I would personally love to meet with the peaceful muslims than the bomb-squad. I guess I was born in the wrong country. :o

It seems that people here forget that Islam has its own splits, its own denominations, if you will. Trying to say almost anything about Islam as a whole is similar to claiming that all of Christianity protests at soldier’s funerals because the Westboro Baptists do.

That being said, any interpretation of any religion (including Christianity) that advocates violence, especially indiscriminate violence against non-combatants (i.e., women, children, and aid workers), needs to be ERADICATED. Period.

Under traditional Islamic rule (pre Crusaids) both Christians and Jews were considered “people of the book” and were generaly left alone. they payed a small tax and were banned from evangelizing, but were not prevented from worshiping. Post Crusades as the Muslem world became fractured these practices changed. Some Muslem nations maintained these practices, others adopted more strick policies like the Ottomans who occasionaly conscripted Christian boys to be trained as elite warriors. a few have very strictly limited Christianity, but most actual persecution is the actions of individuals and small groups (a defense so often used to defend Christians persecutions in the middle ages). In areas where there is mass persecution of Christians it us almost universaly coincides with political unrest.

I think you are missing my point. The Islamic faith has nothing do with the way governments in certain countries are run. Dictatorships do not necessarily reflect a religion’s core beliefs. Look at the Third Reich in Germany. Did the cruelty of the Holocaust reflect the beliefs of Christianity as a whole?

I don’t agree with the violence and the censorship in those countries. I don’t agree with radicals in any religion who believe in harming others in the name of God, whether physically (terror organizations) or verbally (WBC). However, I understand that Islam, as a whole, is supposed to be a peaceful religion that focuses on modesty and a direct relationship to God, as opposed to our reverence for God in human form, Jesus. I do not believe in Islam, I do not consider the Koran holy. But nevertheless, I respect Muslims or anyone of any faith who practices their religion in a true, peaceful manner. I will still pray for them that they find their way to the Truth in the Bible, Jesus, and the Church; but until then, I will at least respect them for having part of the Truth correct: God is real.

Correction: When large numbers of Christians go around killing ppl while yelling “Praise Jesus” over silly reasons then i will start worrying. :thumbsup:

You missed the point. The point is that " broad minded " Muslims in all Islamic countries must cooperate with their governments because Islamic countries are Theocracys and are dictatorial. Yes, at certain times in history non-Muslims were granted some liberty of life and religion. But that is not the situation today. And it will continue to be the case throughout history until Islam itself changes - and I see absolutely no evidence that this will ever happen.


Are you serious? There are plenty of Muslem countrys where there is religious freedom, guess what major christian figure lives in Istambul, Turkey? The Patriarch of Constantinople. Do you think he would be there if he didn’t have religious freedom? In adition most Muslem country’s are either democracy’s or constitutional monarchys. Only Iran and Saudi Arabia could be called truly theocratic. You need to do some reasearch before you say stuff like this. Have you ever even been to a Muslem country?

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