Ignorance seems blissful


Hello, I came on the forum asking for assistance for I have suffered something of a mental breakdown. It happened when I was in the school library for an hour to pass the time it takes to be picked up from school. I took up one of those books that push both sides of a topic (though in retrospect the author clearly had a Pro-Choice bias as his last book was The Right to Die.

Anyways looking into the section on arguements for Pro-Choice and Pro-life I just lost all hope for society, because apparently the tens of thousands of children aborted are seen as as ‘unwanted’ and a burden to society! It also made the point that Abortion would happen regardless of the law which just made anyone Pro-life seem as naive and endangering the lives of those who have an abortion (obviously their examples were always the poor and pregnant teens; also making the claim that it would only hurt the poor in society)

So honestly I feel nothing but disdain for human society now…I don’t wish to love anyone in the Christian sense or in any other wayas well. I keep thinking about how thousands die unwanted daily across the world, and to fight against it is to fight against Human evil that seems to infect every single person on this D*mn planet. I appoligies but I am honestly disgusted with the entire world, and feel hopeless and naive for trying to defend Morals in a society that would let the defenseless suffer for utilitarian comfort.


Yes it does at times feel like a burden to know the Truth. But God promises us that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. I also get discouraged and infuriated when I see how wicked people can be…all while appearing well meaning by being “pro-choice.” It is really an insight into how clever the devil is…these people are not the enemy, they are a casualty of the enemy. Allow yourself time to feel hopeless right now and ask God to let you rest in him. You will awake renevewed and ready for the battle.


Mercy Mia has some good points. Also remember that God can use you in ways you do not know if you trust him. We are like snowflakes, which do not make any difference all by themselves, but when added together can cause a mighty avalanche. All kinds of wickedness will take place in spite of any law against them, but we still need the laws to shape society. Human evil does affect all of us, but so does Divine grace in some form or another. God has not given us the particulars. We are to love God and our neighbor the best we can with the grace we have and invite others to do the same. This does produce an inner peace, in spite of everything.


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